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Computer Networking

Computer networking refers to the use of computer networks and terminals to transmit and receive data (Peterson & Davie, 2012). Therefore, a person can send information to another person via a computer network. Some networks, such as the Internet, can relay information from senders to receivers who occupy different places in the world (Harrington, 2007). Common network architectures that are extremely essential include peer-to-peer networking and client-server networking (White, 2011). These networking architectures share some characteristics, such as transmission of data between a sender and a receiver, but they differ significantly in other aspects, including basics, physical structure, which have both advantages and disadvantages.

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The client-server networking architecture exhibits centralization because it consists of a central computer that serves as a file server which stores all resources (White, 2011). Clients can have access to stored resources by making requests over the network. File servers must be dedicated high-end computers which can support numerous transactions. This networking architecture is suitable for large-scale organizations or corporations that need their data to be secure. The client-server networking model is relatively expensive to setup and maintain because of a specialized server software and hardware (Harrington, 2007). File servers may be slow due to numerous transactions, which increase the servers’ workload. The network collapses once the central server machine fails and data may be lost. Peer-to-peer networking architecture exhibits decentralization because peers supply resources (White, 2011). Peers have the same rights and privileges and enjoy equal access to resources. This networking architecture does not require server software and dedicated high-end devices. Therefore, this networking architecture is cheap to establish. The network will continue functioning even when a peer fails. The peer-to-peer networking is suitable for small businesses because data is not secure (White, 2011). However, the two networking architectures are similar because they involve the use of networks to share information.

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In conclusion, peer-to-peer and client-server networking architectures share a similarity of allowing people to share information over networks. However, the difference between two networking models is based on basics, physical structure, advantages, and disadvantages (Harrington, 2007).

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