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Ethical Dilemmas on Same-Sex Marriage

Ethics refers to the rightness or wrongness of something. It is a constitution of morals that are thought to be either good or bad. On the other hand, an ethical dilemma is the situation where somebody has to make decision choosing from two options that are morally right, but seem to be in conflict. People have different views on the correctness or wrongness of an issue. When ones are in a dilemma, they do not seem to come to a conclusion. However, a conclusion has to be made, eventually. One’s decision can either coincide with other’s opinion or not (Roth, 2005).

Homosexuality is erotic reaction and the sexual desire towards persons of the same sex. Homosexuals include the gay and lesbian people. Gay people are men that have sexual desires towards male individuals. Lesbians are females that experience sexual needs of a female person. Long ago, lesbianism and gay was seen as a sin and something that the society did not tolerate. With time, homosexuality has been legalized by many states. However, despite this fact not all individuals in those nations support the same-sex marriage (Sterngass, 2012).

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Homosexuals are no longer afraid of what the society thinks of them. They come out in the open and they are willing to fight anyone who shows that they don’t support their marriages. Ethical dilemma has been an issue in the case of same-sex marriage. This paper looks into the ethical dilemmas that have arisen with the legalization of gay marriage in many states in the West. It examines the issue of battle against the non-supporters of gay marriage.

In the article ethical dilemma has expressed itself in several occasions. One case of it is whether the state should term one’s refusal to act contrary to their religious belief and conscience discrimination. It is an ethical dilemma whether anyone who acts in a way to show that they despise same sex marriage is discriminating against the homosexuals. However, people have a right to choose what to do, more so, they have the right to live according to their principles. Many religions, especially Christianity do not support homosexuality because it is considered as a sin. Thus, people must follow this principle but not break it (Sterngass, 2012) and (Roth, 2005).

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However, there is a dilemma in terming one’s refusal to act in support of gay marriage discrimination. It would be erroneous for the government to term one’s refusal to support gay marriage discrimination. What these business people are avoiding is behaving in a manner that suggests that they are in total support of gay marriage, which is not true. Baking a cake or taking photos for a homosexual marriage goes against their belief and conscience. Furthermore, there are many who would not have a problem performing such errands for those homosexuals. Therefore, the state should not ban entrepreneur from their business for not agreeing with something that is contrary to their faith (Miller, 2012), (Koppel & Jones, 2014).

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The other case of an ethical dilemma is whether freedom of speech should be compromised for the sake of allowing same sex marriage, which goes against one’s belief and conscience. For the states that have legalized homosexuality, it would be right to punish someone for not speaking well of the same sex relationship. However, people have freedom of speech. Thus, by punishing someone because they said they would not support gay marriage, the state will break the law. People have a right to belief in something. Thus, people should be forced into talking sentiments that are contrary to their beliefs and conscience. That would be against one’s freedom of speech.

The other ethical dilemma the article reveals is whether the government would be right while banning businesses that do not show support to gay marriage. Entrepreneurs can choose to support homosexual marriages or not. It is right that they have and that is equal for everybody. However, they also have a conscience and believe in something. They have a right to trust in what they desire. The state should, therefore, respect the beliefs of such noble business people, and not punish them for expressing their opinions.

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Lastly, the other issue that is of a dilemma is allowing people to live, work and to operate their businesses according to their principles. Business people have ownership of their businesses. They need to enjoy running their businesses without pressure from anyone, including the government. It may be true that the government regulates businesses, thus, ensuring they are run according to the law. However, forcing people to acknowledge something that go against their beliefs and conscience is not right. If a person does not support same-sex marriage, one should be allowed to choose to do whatever he or she likes (Koppel & Jones, 2014) & (Miller, 2012).

The fact that governments legalized homosexuality does not mean that everyone supports it. Thus, the government should take into account other people’s way of life. They need not to be forced into supporting something that they do not want. Some people are on the side of the same-sex marriage, and would be so willing to conduct business with the homosexuals. People’s values should not be sacrificed for the sake of supporting the same-sex marriages.

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