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“Feeding Africa: Why Biotechnology Sceptics are Wrong to Dismiss GM”


Genetically modified foods refer to produces acquired from organisms such as plants or animals that have had their DNA introduced to some changes through a method called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering enables plants and animals to resist pests and parasites and also increase production (Miller 129). In addition, it improves the ability to consume more water and helps develop new strengths in an organism for it to survive in its environment.

Summary of the Article

Juma Calestous in his article, “Feeding Africa: Why Biotechnology Sceptics are Wrong toDismiss GM”, claims that different groups are advocating against the use of genetically modified foods. They focus on the issue of genetically modified crops, overlooking factors that one can consider to eliminate food challenge in Africa and the global food security in general. He insists that biotechnology is an effective strategy one can use to face challenges that affect food security such as climatic changes. Food security relies on the following diverse interrelated factors: food quality, food accessibility, nutrition and food system stability. Science can help solve food shortage directly or indirectly. In a direct way, crops that produce food are genetically engineered. In an indirect way, other organisms are engineered to help raise the income of individuals, hence enabling them to have power to purchase food. It also makes it easy to fight parasites and pests.

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Persuasion Strategies

The author has used different argumentative writing strategies to convince his audience and illustrate validity of his work. For instance, he has used ethos to appeal to the reader through quoting other researchers who have conducted research on related issues in order to show that his data are credible. For example, he used a research done in India and provided statistical evidence. He has also used pathos to attract the emotions of his readers as a way of persuading them. Pathos occurs in his piece of writing when he diverts from the main agenda to show how genetically modified crops can be of importance not only through producing food, but also other things that can raise the income of individuals. In different parts of the writing, the author has applied logos to persuade his audience through reasoning. It is obvious when he offers an example of genetically modified cotton that does not act directly as food. However, it is evident that genetically modified cotton guarantees high sales to producers. High sales raise the income of producers, hence giving them power to buy food and other items.

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Professor Calestous has illustrated several sources in his piece of writing. The main source that supports his arguments is a study that was published by PLOS ONE. The study “Planting the Seeds of Green Revolution in Africa” by Angel Navuri is also essential. The sources are credible and outline real experiments and the effects that can be caused by genetically modified organisms. They enable him to convince his audience and act as a good solution to the current food challenges in Africa (Lee 119). Other scholars and researcher have conducted research on the same topic and came up with different views and observations. However, they all come up with the same conclusion that biotechnology can offer a solution to the world food security problem.

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In conclusion, professor Juma Calestous conducted a good research that can help solve the problem of food security in Africa. Many people criticize biotechnology due to their lack of knowledge about it. However, researchers have identified that it is a modern strategy that can help to raise the living standards of human beings. Genetically modified food has no evident negative effects on the health of human beings but can guarantee growth and good nutrition value.

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