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Reaction Paper: X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class is one of the most incredible movies that have been released recently. The movie flows in a low pace, and this gives each of the actors enough time and space to play their roles effectively. It also allows for character interaction that occurs in varying realities of the world of adventure and science fiction. This fascinating film glues the viewers to the screen for two hours in their efforts to have a glimpse of what the future of weaponry science will look like in decades to come.

The director, Matthew Vaughn, chooses the action to begin in an unidentified location outside the Nazi holding facilities. It is set at the climax of the Cold War that involved the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union. The main actors include Kevin Bacon, Byrne Rose, Hoult Nicholas, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. The plot highlights a story about how close allies can turn to be fierce enemies seeking to kill each other.

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First Class has some of the briskest and efficient ways of storytelling witnessed in any recent release of blockbuster movies. This film has a lot of subplots that are rather clear, and all the nice moments are presented in the blink of an eye. The film rarely hangs, and this is a very important virtue because there is hardly ever an event that drags along. Consequently, the audience never gets bored.

Moreover, it is really great that X-Men First Class takes the film series back to its origin both literally and figuratively. Figuratively, the director uses short character-driven story to illustrate the different episodes. Literally, the film starts with practically shot-by-shot recreation of the first movie created by Bryan Singer. As a result, the beginning of the First Class presents a familiar scene that instantly engages the audience and helps trace a connection between them. Nevertheless, what makes the film really triumphal is the great representation of the characters and their close relations. Additionally, Vaughn’s sense of humor and talent to direct the events can be noticed in the film from the start. As a consequence, the film feels like a part of the bigger world created earlier by Singer.

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In my opinion, the First Class is probably the second best of all the series and only inferior to the X-Men: United. The movie is really fantastic. The Singer’s first two X-Men films came out at a time when the adaptation of comic books did not strive to be anything more than a popcorn fun. Nevertheless, the series turned out to be real success. As for the film under analysis, my expectations were undoubtedly heightened by the impressive trailer, and my assumption was that it was packed with all the most spectacular moments in order to sell the story. However, I was surprised by how much action was in the movie, and I do not think there is any audience that can watch it and come out disappointed. In general, Vaughn adds trademark style to the X-Men series without making the cinematography feel out of place in the setting.

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It is really worth mentioning that X-Men: First Class does not ignore what was created before it. In fact, throughout the film, there are both funny and sad reminders of the previous movies of the series, although the new faces have put spirit into the well-known heroes. Moreover, their fight for acceptance greatly adds value and traits of humanity to the story. The film is not short of the excitement since it is as fast and spectaculous as one might expect from any X-Men movie.

Questions: X-Men: First Class

1. Mutants are basically humans or they might resemble other species in the Universe. Mutants that do not look human may not be them but other species they originate from. Freud’s notion of the Uncanny refutes Jentsch’s thesis and characterizes the Uncanny as something that has remained hidden or secret. If I looked like Mystique, I would not conceal my natural blue form into a disguise; instead, I would enjoy it and take my chances in my natural form.

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2. A normal human being can not treat as an equal the mutant that does not look like him/her. Most individuals experience negative emotions when meeting the mutant. Thus, people would be very nervous and terrified if they saw Mystique in her blue form in a familiar place such as a grocery store.

3. Shaw’s plan assumed that all mutants are habitually immune to radiation poisoning. Thus, his plan would have worked because his assumption was remotely feasible but not sustainable. The mutants that disagreed with his decision of wiping humanity in the alleged nuclear holocaust would be eradicated completely.

4. The Nazi Holocaust is visualized in the beginning of this film to remind the viewer of the attitude and perception of Nazi who viewed themselves as the master race willing to wipe out the others. Magneto was not interested in carrying out further extermination of the human race after killing Shaw. He realized that Sebastian Shaw tortured him to acquire his power that could eventually help him to execute the holocaust.

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5. If I were a mutant presented in the film, I would like to be Magneto and have the power to manipulate the magnetic force field. However, what I really like about him is that he values the importance of humanity. Though I would not side with the human race, I would do my best to protect life from the individuals like the antagonist Sebastian Shaw.

6. If I were a mutant, I would not want to have the power Sebastian Shaw’s character possessed. It can be explained by the fact that his objective was to cause a holocaust using it and wipe out the humanity. If I had such a power, I would still side with the human race despite this negative force.

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