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Winning can be defined as achievement of goals set by an organization. Winning is achieved through economic development and increase in profit. Different authors tried to reveal this topic with an intention of identifying and exploiting different actions that can lead to the development and success of corporate enterprises. Jack Welch is one of such authors as he devoted his work to the theme of winning. He has written a book titled Winning. The book focuses on different issues that act as the foundation of winning in companies, industries and all forms of investments. The main objective of this paper is to focus on the book Winning by Jack Welch with an intention of evaluating the central lessons that the author is trying to communicate as well as discussing their significance to future managers.

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The main lesson that Jack Welch intends to teach is related to the basic steps that an individual or business enterprise is supposed to take in order to win. Therefore, the way to winning can be outlined as the main idea presented by the author in his book. According to the writer, it is possible to succeed through creating more jobs, opportunities, revenue and eliminating ineffective individuals in an organization. Welch focuses on employees and other stakeholders of the company as the engine of an organization. In such a way, he emphasizes the key individuals who lead an organization towards winning. Therefore, it is important for any businesses to consider the most important stakeholders and focus on their efficiency. In his book, the author also presents a guideline for CEOs and senior level managers. Welch aims at teaching business owners, factory management, college graduates, entrepreneurs, and people venturing in new careers on the effective ways to succeed in the sphere of management.

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There are some major lessons that can be taken from the book by Jack Welch. They can be referred to as the central pillars the author based his work on. One of them is positive attitude. In the book, Welch enlightens his readers on the importance of positive attitude to work in organizations. He advises individuals to spread the message of positive attitude within the organization and avoid becoming the victims of negative attitude. With the help of different examples, the author outlines positive results that can be brought about by positive attitude in business. On the other hand, he shows what negative effects can result from negative attitude of workers within the organization. As illustrated by the author, investment is a game, but in the game, winning is a total blast.

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The book is divided into four parts. The first part contains management philosophies. In an organization, a strong mission together with concrete values is a necessary aspect of management. An individual, irrespective of rank, position or job, must be perceived with dignity. It ensures that all the employees develop a positive attitude towards their job and consider themselves important parts of the organization. Individuals who go against the professional code of ethics and set organizational rules should be punished to ensure that management promotes positive attitude of all employees within an organization. With a positive attitude, individuals will work hard trying to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. In other words, the organization would be on its way to winning.

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The other pillar that the author bases his book on is management mechanics. In business, there are diverse departments that require management strategies to achieve the set goals of an organization. They include human resources, processes and culture. Here, Jack Welch focuses on leadership, human resource management, managing change, as well as crisis management. In every set-up of the organization, management is a key link that leads a company to winning. Winning is achieved with the corporation of employees, resources and management of change and crisis in an organization. The author argues that people working in an organization should be motivated to work harder and show better results. To be able to work well, employees should be given an opportunity to have a rest and devote some time to their personal issues. Implementation of different leadership strategies and styles is important in an organization. In his work, Jack Welch focuses on the importance of acting as a team and proper usage of managerial skills of leaders during hiring of employees. Employees who would like to leave an organization should be allowed to go, and those who are willing to work should be encouraged to work better and meet the set goals of the organization. Changes and crises are a common issue in the sphere of management. Therefore, situational management should be adopted to cope with changes. Jack Welch states that successful managers in the sphere of investments should adopt new management strategies to be able to handle any type of crises.

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Competition is another important pillar of the book Winning. As for the lessons proposed by the author, he advices business oriented minds not to focus only on their organizations. Jack Welch outlines that investors should take strategic advantages from other organizations that are operating in the same field. Investors should identify how to create meaningful budgets and make them increase organically. They should adopt the quality programs of six-sigma. In fact, it is important to focus on other organizations that are operating in the same field to ensure that the business enjoys a competitive advantage. Personal career is also important. Jack Welch explains that an individual is supposed to make a good career not because the profession of manager is easy and it is not difficult to find a job. On the contrary, on the way to making a good career, a person is faced by numerous challenges that should be coped with in order to become a winner.

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