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Example of Intercultural Communication

The intercultural communication is defined as a communication between people from different cultures. In this article, the author discusses the role of student exchange programs in developing understanding between individuals with various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The main focus is on the younger generation.

Basically, the author described her experience of studying at American school. As the difference between her home country and the USA is significant, the impact of the exchange program was outstanding. First, Elaine Abonal lived with an American family that provided her support and helped to understand how American lifestyle looks like. Second, Elaine studied at public school, so she could get to know about American education system. Third, she had extra-curricular activities after school: the girl visited concerts, sports games, road trips as well as went shopping, organized parties and went on dates with boys. Besides, she met with other exchange students once a month; they could share their experiences about school, family and about their own country. After ten months in the USA., the student learnt much about American culture and started to value her own culture identity.

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This case is an example of intercultural communication because the hero of this article is from Philippines; thus, her culture is different from American one. As the girl was a part of the American family, so she had intercultural communication every day: Elaine and her host family exchanged information about their traditions, food, life style, etc. At school, the girl also had constant intercultural communication, and at first this made her scared. However, later she found this experience even amusing as she made many friends, and they informed her of the ways of spending spare time. Besides, what is even more exciting, Elaine discovered in which ways American boys courted girls.

In conclusion, an exchange student program is a perfect way for having intercultural communication. Studying in another county allows obtaining a deep understanding of the local traditions and people’s conception of reality.

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One Thing I would Change in China

China has made an announcement about intensifying its Internet censorship, which the government is going to achieve through disrupting VPN services. This means that the country with the population of 1.3 billion will block the access to the full Internet. Therefore, people will not be able to reach such popular international sites as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Blocking VPN has a range of disadvantages. First, this reduces the human rights of Chinese people as they cannot visit the websites they want, exchange information there and have alternative sources of news about their own country. In fact, Chinese authorities have long blocked full internet but people could find the ways of bypassing restrictions. However, this time Internet censorship is expected to be stronger. Apart from reducing the human rights, blocking VPN reduces opportunities for intercultural communication leading to the situation that people might feel isolated.

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Cancelling disrupting of VPN will have many advantages though. Thus, Chinese people will be able to search information on international websites. They will also have the opportunity to talk to their relatives and friends from other countries. Finally, the Chinese might become closer to the rest of the world and feel themselves a part of it. Moreover, VPN is valuable for developing business; for example, Chinese businessmen would have more freedom for searching partners, suppliers and customers from other countries. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are actively used in marketing products. Thus, permitting to use them would increase the number of customers.

In conclusion, blocking VPN has led to many negative effects. The major disadvantage of this decision is reducing the access to information for Chinese people. On the other hand, cancelling ban would increase the intercultural communication and business opportunities for the national companies.

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