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This paper illustrates concepts that are related to public administration in a clear and comprehensible way. The concepts that will be discussed are as follow:

  1. Interest groups and how they are involved in the policy process;
  2. Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Need”;
  3. How equity can be one of the politics goals.

Significantly, the concepts mentioned above will be included in the evaluation of two articles. It shows the level of understanding of what the subject of public administration entails.

Interest Groups and How They are Involved in the Policy Process

Interest groups are one of the primary instruments, through which citizens in the United States of America initiate their ideas, needs and know-how to elected officials. This enumeration can be looked at as a full explanation of how interest groups affect the policy process. Furthermore, these groups tend to act as credited actors in three different branches of the government. It is true as through interest groups, the proper decision-making process is undertaken to make sure that their set objective is achieved by lobbying (Marion, 2011). Essentially, the implication here is that interest groups attempt to influence policy-makers to gain strategy results that rule in their good turn.  

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Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Need”

Maslow’s hierarchy of need concept is an illustration of needs that inspire a person to act in a certain way in society. The theory further means that individuals are often obliged to satisfy the basic needs before initiating other tasks, namely, advanced needs. The concept has five levels of the hierarchy of needs that are meant to illustrate the factors that urge people to act (Maslow, 2013). The five levels are physiological, security, social, esteem and self-actualizing needs.

How Equity Can be One of the Politics Goals

The content of the above concept can be looked at as a possible aim that can be achieved through proper strategies by the government in question. Equity entails offering society equal opportunities despite people’s background, color, ethnicity or religion (Clerkin, Kravchuk, & Rosenbloom, 2014). Thus, equity can be one of the political goals through the aspect of offering citizens what they desire by the government of the day. Basically, it is where each person can be offered what is right from a political perspective, but not based on a political affiliation (McGowan, Cornelissen, & Nel, 2007). Such an approach will ensure that equity is initiated in politics as one of the primary objectives.

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Evaluation of the Articles

The First Article: “Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline”

Although the president has been asking both local and international states to join in solving the issue of countering global warming, it is a good step that he has rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline since it shows that he means what he says. I liked the article because it gave both positive and negative aspects of the situation. Furthermore, the article concluded with describing the outcomes that would have created huge distractions to the environment if the president could have signed the bill. I agree with the president’s decision since it is aimed to avoid negative effects on the environment. Thus, it is a good article, which shows what society needs to incorporate to counter challenges based on a political and economic point of view.  

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The Second Article: “Media and Children”

Media and children have become one thing because it is what makes the world revolve around. Children often utilize the media during most of their daily chores, and hence, the contents of the article concur with what is happening in society to some extent. The article has enumerated the effects of the media on children from a negative point of view; hence, it is a bias article. I disagree with the contents of the arguments because the media does not only create negative effects, but also positive ones, especially at school, where learning can be initiated via laptops used for research. What I have liked about the article is that it gives facts of how the media is influencing the tweens and teenagers in general. One of the effects is their mode of communication, whereby texting and the approach of communicating face-to-face are two entirely different concepts.

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