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College education is currently becoming expensive, while its returns seem questionable. Numerous graduates from colleges are financially stressed as they attempt to repay their student loans. Equally, many graduates have good jobs and favorable employment opportunities. Those without college education make progress faster than graduates as the latter struggle with student loans in the first years of their employment. To determine whether college education is worth it is a complex issue. The issues diminishing the returns of college education are strong, but may do not outweigh the benefits. Interestingly, some college degrees seem to pay off better than others. This inconsistence in individual degrees returns makes the matter even more complex. College education is worth it as long as one goes for the right course, because graduates have more opportunities of employment, have a greater chance of development, and they manage to repay students loans and move forward.

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Student loans have become an integral part of college education (Mayyasi 2). It is truthful that the loans are taking a toll on those who acquire them, but never compare to the significance of the loans. It is inevitable to acquire the student loan to manage tuition cost of college education. Without student loans, most intelligent people would never manage to obtain college education. While acquiring the student loans, the persons comprehend the terms of compensation and decide to go forth. Even if the initial years of working graduates strain to repay the loans, they promptly advance after loan settlement. Student loans empower individuals to access well-paid jobs by the age of twenty-five. The Print Edition says that graduates who are more than twenty-five years earn $17500 more per year than others (1). Without college education, it is difficult to acquire profitable jobs, so that even if non-graduates do not have student loans to repay, they make progress slowly. Therefore, student loans empower students to earn more, repay them, and then progress in life.

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Does college education determine employment? Those arguing that college education is not worth it say that most graduates have such type of occupation that does not require college education and most graduates under twenty-five years are either unemployed or underemployed (McGuire 3). It is possible that some graduates have jobs that do not require college education, but they stand a better chance to acquire jobs on a wide range. In particular, graduates qualify for jobs requiring college education and those that do not require. Therefore, there is no harm in having a job that does not require a college degree while standing a better ground of absorption in jobs requiring college education. Moreover, statistics shows that graduates employment rate increases with the unemployment rate of non-graduates. Most employers prefer employing graduates over non-graduates, since graduates have interpersonal communications skills, management knowledge, and teamwork expertise (Cassidy 4). Most companies will employ graduates even for jobs that do not require college education because of the skills they have above their professional knowledge. As economy recovers from recession, most employers prefer working with graduates rather than those with high school diplomas, thus increasing the demand for college graduates. As this demand increases, then definitely college education is worth it. Therefore, college education gives alumnae access higher opportunities of employment over non-graduates.

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Lastly, job requirements and personal development are dynamic. Most jobs do not have college education requirements, thus even without college education one can still acquire them (Smith 2). This argument is a misconception. Currently, most positions require one to have some college education mostly a four-year undergraduate degree or higher degrees. As ProCon argues, since the recession, jobs requiring college education have grown with 18700, while those requiring high school diplomas and less decreased considerably (2). Research shows that jobs requiring college education are on the increase from 2014 to 2015 and are projected to increase in 2016 (Gellman 3). There are many jobs that do not require college education or degrees, but well-paid jobs that facilitate self-development require a college degree. For example, it is simpler for an undergraduate degree student to continue studying in order to obtain a graduate degree, which will result in increased job opportunities and high remuneration. Without a college degree, it is impossible to have the prospects of pay rise even after years or lifetime of employment. As the number of jobs requiring college education increases and the opportunities of self-development arise, college education is essential.

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In conclusion, college education is worth it. The cost of college education is very high, but its returns, and the other non-financial benefits are befitting. Repaying the student loan is problematic for many graduates in the first years, but appropriate courses lead to high remunerating jobs, which enable graduates to repay the student loan debt after some time. Without a college degree, it is difficult to secure s good job with a high salary, health insurance, and retirement benefits. Even if graduates tend to buy homes and cars later than those with high school diplomas, they always reach the same level and even develop far beyond them. College education is not only important because of its financial benefits, but graduates acquire far-reaching skills in college, which make them very competitive. College education may be burdensome because of the uncertainties of the job market, but it is still worth it.

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