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The British University of Al Ain

The British University of Al Ain is located in UAE. It attracts many students, due to the diversity of specializations it can provide students with, who are mostly interested in engineering, biology, chemistry, geology, IT, and business qualifications. However, the Al Ain University has been engaged in continuous improvements of the quality services, so that the gaps in their business model can be easily fulfilled. The business model of the university was created with the aim to deliver benefits for students who are ready to pay for their tuition as in the certain service and campus pack.

The opportunities of the Al Ain University have been raised high since online learning courses became truly convenient for students. They can easily access their Internet accounts in the database of the University wherever they wish and whenever they want. Online learning facilities include testing, exam schedules, e-books and course resources, which are easily accessible for students on displays of smart phones or tablet devices. In such a way, the Al Ain University has the opportunity to develop more comfortable and suitable education system for students from many foreign countries, who are willing to be educated, as they are on the way of career building and finding the right path in their professional life.

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Apart from that, the University delivers opportunities to take TOEFL, IELTS, ITP, and English Placement Test for additional costs that makes the business model more convenient to raise profit for independent and staff-included teachers who are ready to work as assistants in conducting tests. Of course, the terms of passing these tests and testing results will be included into transparent and honest settings, so the quality of tests passing can go without saying up to the high rate.

The improvements of the educational services quality can be the challenging task for the Quality Assurance & Institutional Research Center and AAU Good Practice on theCAA Website. These quality improvement teams of the University can be based on understanding the behavior of students, their needs, alternatives in career development, their comfort, as well as the regulations they meet in terms of their studying. The task of quality improvement is quite difficult to manage, especially when there are no clarified objectives that can be suitable for the business in education. The perspectives of development can be raised high, since students started to get grades proportionally to their efforts.

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In this relation, the quality assurance of educational business model in the UAA should include the distributed roles between teachers and students. Education is recommended not to be memorizing-oriented, but rather oriented towards understanding and creative development, formulating and expressing the original point of view, otherwise the quality would be the missing value in education. Unluckily, even nowadays, when many educational resources are available on the web net, teachers are more likely to orient students towards memorizing the factual information, instead of encouraging them to think creatively, train their imagination and comprehending abilities.

The following quality dimensions should be taken into consideration by the UAA:

  • Reliability (the technical and economic base of university should be sustainable to challenges and changes: university library, IT services department, online learning, 24/7 accessible teacher, etc.).
  • Conformance (meeting quality standards in design of e-learning base of the university).
  • Durability (easy ready-to-go system of distant learning that can be accessed from every place worldwide).
  • Accessibility (access to the university database from the global network, easier chances to make admissions to the university).
  • Responsiveness (responses to each student’s requests in a timely manner);
  • Serviceability (services for online-learning improvements, university teachers qualification improvement, questionnaire surveys distribution, etc.).

The types of qualities for the AAU can be arranged in the following array:

  • Resources quality (AAU should have easily accessible resources online and offline to let students study without troubles, even not attending the university on the regular basis); related to the accessibility quality dimension in the context of the availability of online learning resources.
  • Business model quality (the quality of type of business in terms of its effectiveness); related to accessibility and durability quality, in relevance to the sustainability of the business model.
  • Customer service quality (deliver high quality services to students); related to the serviceability quality dimension.
  • Planning quality (provided by the benchmarking team to provide services established, empower to make proper decisions, draw the big picture of business in size, area, geo-location, demographic changes); related to the responsiveness and serviceability quality dimensions in the field of planning improvements of services for foreign students and those who study distantly.
  • Data gathering quality (data are being gathered among participants in multiple choice questionnaires, team quests, open-end questions style); related to the durability quality dimension as the data makes the model on quality improvement sustainable.
  • Analysis and integration quality (filling gaps, projecting to future, not just to the current status quo); related to the conformance quality type; related to the durability quality dimension.
  • Implementation and execution quality (put forth the data, recommendations, planning to develop goals and objectives that should be clearly defined, daily monitored, adjusted to implementation methods); related to the reliability and responsiveness quality dimension, for the data implemented from e-surveys and questionnaires are to be helpful and of benefit for the university students who want to have benefits from e-courses.

The quality dimensions are valuable for choosing the fields in which quality assurance departments of the AAU can determine the needs for changes and set up the basis, that is the background for such changes. Hence, there is a high need for the following priorities improvements in quality of the AAU services: education resources, campus comfort, distant learning. These three key fields can be improved by means of developing the high quality e-system of education that will allow students to stay connected with each other under the monitoring of a teacher who can easily contact them to set tasks and provide grades. Electronic admission of documents can be valuably improved with e-signature. Students should feel as if their efforts in trying to comprehend and express their opinions are valuable.

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