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Solutions for Low Literacy Levels

Literacy is referred to the ability write, read and comprehend information. It also includes responding effectively. Thus, literacy provides crucial skills necessary for life at school, workplace and general interactions. However, there are several occasions when literacy levels remain low. The paper describes the status of literacy levels and identifies strategies in Career and Technical Education (CTE) that can be used to improve low literacy levels (ACTE, 2009).

According to Association for Career and Technical Education, ACTE, (2009), no more than 35% of students in 12th grade can effectively read, write, understand and make inference in the US. On the same note, ACTE, quoting National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), acknowledge that the basic reading ability for high school seniors reduced from 80 to 73 percent between 1992 and 2005. Furthermore, between 1992 and 2008, reading rates declined in 17 year old students by an average of four points. The low literacy problem passes on the next academic stage resulting in persistence difficulty in students’ capabilities. For instance, ACTE found out, “… only 53 percent were considered college-ready in reading” (ACTE, 2009). The situation is critical for non English speakers, monitories and the disabled.

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Low literacy levels have serious socio-economic ramifications in society. It results in unemployment. Nonetheless, such employees attract low incomes due to their limited productivity. The reading skills for a potential employee need to meet the job requirement. Socially, low literacy ability affects how parents would support a child’s school work including participation in public affairs and debates like elections, government policy and so forth. The evolution of this problem from elementary school to college completely disorients the individual life of people affected and the nation in general. Low literacy negates the quality of life enjoyed by these peoples and overall development of the nation (ACTE, 2009).

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However, the situation can be reversed through the CTE programs. The programs are drawn from academic and technical aspects in order to cover vocabulary, fluent reading, abstract and cognitive communication. CTE approach integrates the application of content-area literacy techniques. Content-area literacy involves exposing students to materials that inspire them to improve literacy capabilities. The program focuses on those facets of life that interest the students. It integrates reading and writing with real life situations. Consequently, CTE programs design courses that emulate specific careers exposing students to particular jargon. Students are thus, exposed to words, descriptions and case studies that trigger critical thinking for the classroom purposes. On the other hand, note making, development of journals and quick writes improve writing skills in those sessions. CTE further integrates presentation and teamwork skills with personal development (ACTE, 2009).

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Subsequently, literacy levels can be improved by increasing the time students spend on CTE programs. The students focus on designated textbooks and other relevant materials in newspapers, magazines, novels, videos and documentaries. The course enables students to engage in side activities that improve their reading and writing skills. Industry publications update latest innovations in the sectors of interest. Equally, from these materials, technical information is extracted improving the technical skills of the students. Similarly, Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) provide students with platforms for improving literacy levels. Some sessions arranged by CTSOs are promotional in nature. Thus, they require intensive reading and writing to win (ACTE, 2009).

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The students can further develop literacy skills through the career mentorship programs. Practical working environments exist for the internships and work programs. In most cases, students have to develop a journal of daily events and final report about the period. The writing skills also involve letters of interest and acknowledgements (ACTE, 2009).

In conclusion, the content based approach improves both the technical ability of a person and the necessary literacy skills required in life. Therefore, the objective of high literacy level in society is achieved through the use of CTE methodologies. Students can successfully read, write, think and communicate both at work place and in lifelong interactions.

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