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The Earth is Warming

The earth is warming, and every human being is affected in one way or the other. According to Gornitz (2000), the global temperature has already risen over 1 degree by Fahrenheit with Polar Regions being the most affected. The effects of temperature rise are not waiting any longer, they are happening as we speak and the signs are evident everywhere. High temperature has not only melted glacier and caused the sea level rise, it has also changed the precipitation patterns and increased the migration of animals in search of pastures and water. Some of the extreme effects of global warming include stronger storms and hurricanes. It is therefore necessary for the governments to consider the effects of global warming when developing their infrastructure and economy.

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The first action that should be implemented by governments is international cooperation through climate change policies. Speth and Haas (2007, p. 16) affirm that while one country could contribute to global warming, its effects are universal. It is, therefore, necessary for the countries to take part in the international commitments like the Kyoto Protocol and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Hens and Nath (2005, p. 27) suggest that governments should invest in the development of renewable energy. For instance, wind and solar are clean and safe sources of energy that could provide the citizens with energy but reduce global warming. Most of these clean technologies are ready to be used widely but government policies need to encourage their use. For instance, the cost of solar panels could be subsidized and credits awarded to those who use clean energy.

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Recycling bills should be enacted by the government, so that companies that use raw materials that can be recycled such as, plastics and paper, should collect and recycle their products. For instance, most people drink treated water that is packed in plastic bottles. McCright and Dunlap (2003, p. 71) argue that instead of these bottles ending up in landfills, the involved companies must be obligated to collect and recycle the wastes.

According to Shogren and Toman (2000), governments should come up with the policies that demand the efficacy of improved energy. In the recent past, most consumers have begun to adopt more energy-efficient appliances. This switch has saved considerable amount of money and energy. However, the improvement is still necessary. For instance, the governments could award tax credit on energy efficient technologies like electric loan mowers, energy star approved appliances and energy efficient vehicles.

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Reduction of gasoline consumption in the transport sector is very significant for fighting global warming. In developed countries like the US, the transport sector consumes more than half of the oil used in the country. The Environmental Law Institute (2002, p. 34) suggests that using public vehicles like buses and trains could reduce the amount of green house gases especially emitted in the urban centers. The government should, therefore, invest in public transport to reduce the dependence on public transport. This would reduce the number of cars on the road. Alternatively, policies that encourage manufacture of highly efficient-gasoline cars as well as electric cars should be enacted. This would reduce the amount of carbon emissions. Countries like the Netherlands have adapted policies that encourage the use of bicycles by constructing specific paths for bicycles and prohibiting the use of vehicles in certain regions. Copenhagen is famous for such environmental policies.

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Milliman and Haq (1996, p. 102) suggest that strong buildings that can resist floods and hurricanes should be constructed in countries that are prone to extreme weather events like Japan and the Philippines. This would save a lot of money that could have been used to repair the infrastructure.

In conclusion, although economic and technological changes could reduce the emission of green house gases, In addition, tough laws should be implemented to protect and conserve forests.

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