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What Can A Family Do To Go Green

The term ‘going green’ can be defined as the one used to denote the process of an individual, family or group who acquire the knowledge to make decisions that are ecologically and environmentally friendly. These decisions help to enhance the environment and keep it green, so as to sustain its natural resources for this generation and the ones to come. This also pertains living a healthy lifestyle.

When a family decides to go green that is a gift they give to one another, presenting better health and longer lives. There are several ways in which a family can decide to adapt in order to go green and they include the following:

a) Avoid using cars and adapt to the idea of walking and biking instead. By so doing it helps the environment by eliminating the emission of toxic gasses which are harmful and also avails healthier air to breath. It also improves the health, since walking and biking one exercises the body and keeps fit at all times.

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b) The family can adapt to the habit of eating foods that are of the local origin and organic nature and try as much as possible to avoid eating junk or fast foods. When a family gets used to this habit, it becomes beneficial for them in the aspect of health and finance. The latter means that there is minimal if not any finance spent on the visits to the hospitals and health centers and if they have to, it’s just for the normal checkups.

c) Water is life. So we, human beings, should drink a lot of water on daily basis, approximately eight glasses a day. This helps to keep our bodies hydrated and it also makes our skin glow.

d) While doing shopping for the house and mostly consumable products one should look for the goods that are free from synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are harmful for the body in the long run when consumed in bits, thus, should be avoided. When buying milk products they should search for the ones that are not treated with antibiotics and bovine growth hormones (Harding, 2006).

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e) As a family, they should also learn to reduce the amount of waste they generate and to recycle as often as possible to conserve the resources.

In conclusion, they should increase sustainability by reducing the urge to drain the Earth of its resources and by creating a healthier environment and habitat for human being, plants and animals.

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