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The Greenhouse Effect

The climate in the planet is changing slowly, and the warming of the earth’s surface is progressing. The periods of considerable fall of temperature and freezing are interchanging with warm periods for thousands and million years. Nowadays, the scientists are anxious: it seems that the Earth is warming up quicker than it was any time in the past. It is caused by a sudden increase of contents of the carbonic acid gas in the atmosphere. In the earth’s atmosphere, the carbonic acid gas acts as a glass at the greenhouse: transmits sunlight, but retains the warm of the heated by the sun surface of the earth. It causes the warming of the planet, known as a greenhouse effect.

The term “greenhouse effect” appeared in 1800s and used to show the natural functions of trace gases. It did not have any negative meaning. It was until the 1950s when this term was associated with the disturbance about the change of climate. As a result, during the last decades, “greenhouse effect” gained some negative meaning. The problems began when people have started accelerate and distort the natural process by putting some greenhouse gases essential in warming the earth to an ideal temperature in the atmosphere. There could be dramatic results if the greenhouse effect will not be stopped; for instance, the rise of the water level in the oceans, disappearing of many species, changes in the weather, etc.

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People should do their best to prevent harmful results of the greenhouse effect. One of the important steps that people should do in order to avoid the problem of greenhouse effects is to reduce greenhouse gases emission. Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere of the earth that collect the light and heat from the sun. The main greenhouse gases are methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. These gases help concentrate the heat in the atmosphere of the earth. The earth would be freezing during nights and parching during days without greenhouse gases. However, a big number of greenhouse gases will withhold too much heat, and, as a result, the earth will get too much heat. A lot of plants, animals, and people would die, because of the strong heat. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the important greenhouse gases that underwent considerable expansion through human activities. The concentration of carbon dioxide increased because of the widespread use of the lands. People are using land for their needs from the ancient times. Nowadays, there are a lot of different agricultural chemical manures, the result of using which can lead to the waste of carbon from the soil. Another type of a wide usage of the land is deforestation. When the trees were cut, they cannot take in carbon dioxide. Deforestation is a serious problem, because people live using forests as an economic activity or food source. Moreover, forests serve as a place of living for different plant species and animals, and it serves the main role in preventing erosion and flooding, and providing water. A perfect solution that can be made to prevent deforestation is to forest new plantations with different trees. New trees will be growing and taking the carbon dioxide and the circulation will not stop.

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Global warming is the main result of the greenhouse effect. Global warming is the process of increasing in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that is caused by greenhouse gases. If the temperature increases, the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere becomes higher too, providing more blanketing and causing it to be warmer. The increase in global temperature will lead to the global climate changes. Some people will experience it harmfully, others no. If the changes are small and occur slowly, people would almost certainly be able to adapt to it. Nowadays, people may see the signs of global warming, such as coastal flooding, dry periods, storms, rise of sea water lever, warm winters, and hot summers. Scientists say that the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere warmed by less than one degree during the last century and continues warming. Global warming is a dangerous problem that is leading to harmful results. For instance, when the water level rises, it covers the ground and plants and causes its destruction. When the plants disappear, a lot of animals and insects will not have what to eat and where to live. As a result, some species of animals can become extinct. People are victims of global warming as well. They may lose their homes and places for living and sources of food- animals and plants. Some more damages that global warming cause for people, are destroying forests by acid rains and fires. One of the reasons that cause global warming is electrical pollution. Electricity pollute in many ways. One of the most spread one is that fossil fuels are made and burnt for electricity. Common examples of polluting the air and using energy are: using an air conditioner, watching TV, using a computer, or any electrical device. This type of pollution is considerably new. Electrical pollution can cause different health problems. Electrical pollution is silent and invisible. What is more important is that this pollution causes such diseases as cancer, some neurological and cancer diseases (Shivani 2003). Everyone should remember that it is necessary to switch electric apparatus off while it is not using or after the usage for avoiding electrical pollution.

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Almost all people are using cars or motorbikes for their needs, but they do not think seriously that they rise the percentage of greenhouse gases emission in the air. Some car companies took this problem seriously and invented hybrid cars, which do not need filling up with gases, because they are working on a solar power. People should seriously take into consideration that they can live without a car nowadays. There is nothing awful of going on foot or riding a bike instead of sitting whole day in a car. While someone is riding a bike, he or she is not polluting the atmosphere and does not use oil resources that are limited. Moreover, riding a bike or walking helps not only to prevent greenhouse gasses emission, but also to be in a good form and breathe a clean air.

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The world is changing every day, and people are creating new inventions, for instance, cars, clothes, space crafts, electronic devices, and others. They use natural sources for these new devices or inventions. During the last centuries, people succeeded in many fields of their development. Together with the experiencing and trying to investigate everything that is interesting for a person’s eye, people have caused a serious damage for the earth and themselves even not understanding it. People are using greenhouse gases with a great consumption, and very often, they just waste it. Moreover, mankind is using forests to make some products, and they do not think about the effect of this. Deforestation is a serious problem caused by humans. However, mankind has an opportunity to change the caused that they made for the earth, nature, and themselves. People have hard decisions to take. The response of people to the risk of global warming and greenhouse effects will affect their personal well-being, the evolution of human society, and all lives on the planet. Every person should do everything possible to save the planet for his or her descendants, and it is necessary to remember that their offspring deserve to live on the normal planet without floods, acid rains, and any other cataclysm. Their future is in our hands.

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