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No Denying It

“No Denying It” illustrates the seriousness of climate change as a means to convince those who doubt the issue of global warming. Moreover, global warming, which used to be a scientific matter, has become a political issue as politicians from both the liberal and conservative parties offer differing views about the issue, hence, confusing people and avoiding the most pressing issue – that global warming is real. The author of the article sought to achieve the goal of convincing people that global warming is real by talking about a scholar who used to doubt global warming but now believes that global temperatures are slowly rising, hence, causing the warming of the Earth.

The goal of the author was to convince those who doubt global warming by introducing an individual who used to doubt the issue too. Introducing Richard Muller, who used to be a global warming skeptic, is strategic because it places readers, especially the target audience (i.e. those who doubt global warming), at the center of the discussion. The discussion allowed the author to reach out to the target audience by talking about one person who used to be just like them. Muller, who worked with various scientists to study weather and climate patterns and changes, and global warming, discovered that temperatures are climbing and that global warming could be attributed to human activities.

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Aside from talking about how one skeptic was converted to believing that global warming is real, the author also utilized facts and data from research studies to develop the credibility of the argument. As previously discussed, the author sought to prove that global warming is real and to convince readers, especially the target audience, to consider the seriousness of the issue. In the article, the author cited data from the National Academy of Science. In 2010, the organization warned people about the impact of human activities on the environment and its effect on global climate. In addition, the author used facts by listing various research projects that sought to expand studies about global warming. The author mentioned Muller’s project, which was the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project, and the study conducted by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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A third strategy that the author used to establish arguments in the article include the acknowledgment of mistakes, errors, or shortcoming, which may have influenced “climate deniers” to reject the idea of global warming. “Climate deniers” could use erroneous data from the United Nation’s 2007 report about global warming, or the issue of Climategate, to argue that global warming is not real or that institutions are merely making up the idea of global warming for their own gains. However, the author emphasized that the issue simply cannot be ignored, and that despite errors in some reports about global warming, the extreme changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, weather, and climate are solid points enough to prove that global warming exists. In addition, global events that relate to temperature, such as the rising sea levels and the melting of the polar ice caps, are strong evidences to support the existence of global warming, and that human activity should be blamed for it.

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In the article, the author also discussed other issues concerning global warming. Aside from the problem of some part of the population refusing to believe in global warming, the author also identified other issues related to global warming. The debate regarding climate change has now become a debate about liberalism and conservatism. The client points out that the issue should not be dragged into politics and political conflict as it is a serious social issue that requires the attention of every American, whether they support the liberal or the conservative party.

The author structured the article in such a way that evidences of global warming are stated as the opening statements to draw the attention of readers. Consequently, the author talked about Muller and other issues that prove the existence of global warming. To strengthen the arguments, the author also discussed possible solutions to global warming. In this way, the author adopted a proactive and responsive approach in structuring the article because possible solutions were discussed. In the solutions and recommendations section, the author highlighted the important role of organizations in limiting carbon footprint by implementing sustainable strategies or practices, but also avoiding the use or consumption of gas as a means to reduce greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

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The article is effectively convincing because of the author’s use of facts. Moreover, the author effectively supported the arguments with specific facts that prove global warming does exist. The mention of credible institutions like the Environmental Defense Fund, the National Academy of Science, and Berkeley, also added credibility to the article, which is similarly a good strategy to achieve the aims of the author.

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