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Conservation of nature is very important. People should preserve the environment we live in and protect it from those who are destroying it for personal gains at all times. The survival of many creatures depends mainly on the state of environment around us. For example, the survival of wildlife heavily depends on forest cover existence. Governments all over the world have adopted the strategy of coming up with nature conservation centers with an aim to provide habitat for many wild animals. Without developing these measures many species of plants and animals will find themselves in danger of extinction. This paper investigates the geography of one of the national nature conservation centers in Los Angeles.

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Conservation of nature is a vitally important activity that should be carried out by every sensible and responsible government in the world. The United States government has not been left out in performing this essential mandate. Preservation of nature benefits the society greatly. It brings out social, economic and cultural benefits to the larger community.

Whittier Narrows Nature Center is one of the many centers that have been established in the USA to conserve the most crucial asset that God has presented us with as human beings - the environment. The center serves as home for many wild animals, millions of plant species and many other biodiversities. The center serves as one of the main sources of income to Los Angeles. Being a habitat to plenty of wild animals and millions of plant species it attracts tourists from all walks of life. The center is used by many scholars who are interested in carrying out studies relating to various issues surrounding plants and animals. Therefore, the center is one of the most prominent and functional geographical sites in Los Angeles.

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Those who study geography realize that it is important to conduct a thorough study on the center and its activities in order to identify what makes it such a unique site. Therefore, this paper tends to provide an insight of the center by describing the natural settings of the center. The paper will focus on the center’s location, geographical settings, weather and climate, plant communities found within the center, soil, wildlife, terrain, local history and site map.

Whittier Narrows Nature Center


Whittier Narrows Nature Center occupies a 400 acre piece of land in the federal state of Los Angeles. The center borders a famous river known as San Gabriel. There are four lakes situated on the territory of the center, millions of plant species as well as a number of wild animals.

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Whittier Narrows Nature Center borders San Gabriel River. The center is one of the best places for recreation in Los Angeles. The center includes a reaction area, which occupies 320 acres of land. The center possesses 1400 acre of land that contain a form of woodland known as riparian woodland. There are also four lakes situated on the preservation center’s territory, as well as a riverside ecosystem, which tends to house millions of species, both plants and animals. It is estimated that at least 300 species of birds are found within this nature conservation center. The lakes found within the nature center have an outstanding feature, whereby they possess a famous migrating water rank. They also have a seasonal mountain population of bobcats and lions. The reaction area, found within the center, tends to be open from morning hours to evening hours. There people can enjoy various forms of sporting activities such as soccer, fishing, volleyball, skeet shooting, archery, horseback riding and pistol shooting. There are also boats and bikes that people, interested in such activities, can rent. The center provides information in relation to the various pieces of ecosystems found within the locality.

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Weather and Climate

A closer study of the weather patterns within Whittier Narrows Nature Center locality reveals that the climate found within this area is of the Mediterranean nature. Such climate means that summers tend to be hot, long, and dry while, on the other hand, winters are usually wet and cool. The climate within the preservation center is particularly unique because it can only be found in places such as central Chile, southern California, Western Cape, the Mediterranean as well as the southeastern Australia. This type of climate tends to cover at least 3% of the Earth’s surface and it is mainly found in the western parts of various continents. Accurate research of the weather patterns within the abovementioned area proves that most of the times the conservation center experiences cloudy weather. Sometimes the clouds tend to be clear; on other occasions the strong Santa Ana winds are experienced within its territory.

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Plant Communities

Whittier Narrows Nature Center houses a wide variety of plant species. The center contains all sorts of plants, ranging from trees to bushes and other types of plant biodiversities. The most popular types of plant species found with the center include the coastal woodland, tour desert plants and a variety of common woodland plants. This makes the center one of the most outstanding nature conservation centers, which houses quite a number of plant species.


The most common soil found with the center under research is sandy soil. This type of soil is common around the four lakes as well as near the riversides. Although, there are also other types of soil found within the center’s area such as loam and clay soils. Sandy soil is the most prevailing type of soil in most parts of the Whittier Narrows Nature Center and its surroundings.

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Whittier Narrows is one of the most outstanding conservation centers, which provides habitat to wildlife. The center is a home to reptiles and mammals such as crocodiles, snakes, coyotes, side-blotched lizards among other animals. Plenty of bird species inhabit the nature preservation center’s territory as well. A number of bird species such as snowy egret, ruddy duck can be found within this area. Whittier Narrows can be viewed as home to a rather considerable number of beasts.


The geographical terrain of the region within which the center is located is hilly and surrounded by mountains. Due to the soil nature the center is prone to floods which have forced the relevant authorities to install dams to deal with the floods.

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Local History

Whittier Narrows Nature Center has been considered to be one of the best recreation places in Los Angeles since its inception. It has a reaction area that is located on 320 acres of land. The so called riparian woodland occupies nearly 1400 acres of land. The natural area of the Whittier Narrows was selected as a wildlife center and sanctuary in the late 1939. The territory is currently under the management of County Department that deals with recreational zones and parks. The mission of this department is to protect, preserve as well as educate the public on the importance of preserving the environment. The nature center has the history of hosting a number of bird walks, lectures, hay rides, school tours among other crucial educational activities. The environment that surrounds the museum buildings is somehow tranquil as well as unimposing.

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Site Map

This map contains the description of the Whittier Narrows Nature Center’s location and settings. The site map has been borrowed from the US Land Department.


Whittier Narrows Nature Center is one of the most important centers of nature conservation in the USA. The center has the best recreational facilities. The preservation center has the best climate, which is rather predictable. The center’s terrain is also outstanding and remarkable. The center’s merits make lots of adventurous people visit the center. It also has a variety of wildlife and plant species. The center’s settings and terrain are very picturesque and attract many tourists. The types of plant communities found within the center make it a rather suitable place for learning activities and school tours. Whittier Narrows Nature Center is one of the most outstanding geographical locations in Los Angeles and the USA in general.  

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