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How Would I Spend My Last Days on Earth?

If to suppose that the world will cease to exist soon, it would probably happen as a result of the nuclear war. The relations between some countries are so strained today that many people start to believe that such an outcome may happen quite soon. There are many options how to behave during the last hours on earth, but it is possible to generalize them and subdivide into three categories. When the end is close, a person can disregard the usual lifestyle, stay with his or her close ones, or try something extreme.

One of the possible ways how to behave if the end is near is to do nothing. Clearly, if a person is aware that in several days the world will no longer exist, many things lose their importance. For instance, if one is a student, then he or she would not be in a hurry of finishing certain assignments. Surely, this person would not go to college, as well. If one has a job, then he or she would prefer not being present there. Firstly, nobody would pay them for these hours. Secondly, it is doubtful that a person would wish to spend the last moments as usually, being captured in routine. No matter what people have been doing habitually, they would probably decide not to do it. Interestingly, a person’s behavior would indicate whether their life has the sense or not. Thus, if one’s life is fulfilled, then there is a chance that he or she would like to spend these hours as usually.

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I think that my closest people would agree that the best way to spend the last hours is to stay with family. Such things as education, work, and entertainment are significant because they fill people’s lives with sense. However, when the end is close, family is what truly matters. A person would feel calmer if he or she had a chance to play with a little cousin, to hug relatives, and to eat dinner with parents. A person should have an opportunity to say goodbyes. Therefore, it would be essential to think for some time how to do it. Certainly, every person has some words that he or she wanted to say but never did due to some reasons. When the end is coming it is the perfect timing to speak them out. In the article related to the topic under consideration, Sarah Walker, in a satiric manner, points out that, unfortunately, family values have lost their significance to many people, “You could call your Mom, but you could always write on her Facebook wall instead.” Such behavior seems hilarious, but it is a terrible reality; I would not be surprised if someone actually said the last words to his or her mother on Facebook.

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Finally, during the last moments on earth, a person might want to do something that he or she would not normally do. Someone may try an extreme activity, such as parachute jumping, bungee jumping, or scuba diving. If the apocalypse is close, there is no need for one to be afraid to die. Therefore, if a person always wanted to try something extreme but had much fear, then this time would perfectly fit for this activity. Considering that everything would be destroyed after the apocalypse, a person might wish to visit a beautiful place. One of the websites offers the reader a list of such places in case if the end is close. The list includes Riviera Maya, Sydney, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Venice, and Zimbabwe (Antonetti).

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To conclude, there is a wide variety of ways to spend the last hours before the apocalypse. It is possible not to go to work or college, to see all family members and say goodbye to them, or to go to another country or risk the life. Each person would prefer something unique. I believe that my closest people would choose to stay with their friends and family, and I would do the same because I think that in the end, the family is more important than anything else.

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