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A total of 75 people will be required to assist as staff during the event. Five people will be hired on a full-time basis. Twenty will be working in part-time arrangements while fifty will be volunteers. The five full-time employees will be outsourced from an event planning company. They will be in charge of integral functions of the event. These essential services are stage manager, sound system handler, event master of ceremonies (MC), electronic engineer, and caterer. These are the most relevant services needed for the event. Part-time workers will come from the same event company that supplies full-time workers. The part-time workers will be divided into groups of four. To each full-time employee, four part-time employees will be assigned to help. The duties of part-time workers during the event will be to help their assigned full-time worker. They will also be required to be adept in the essential functions of their stations. Full-time workers will be expected to have a significant level of expertise in their assigned stations.

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Volunteers will be needed to control crowds and help in catering. They will also be expected to help the full-time and part-time workers when requested. Volunteers will be found among friends and family members. In case the number of 50 volunteers cannot be achieved, we will turn to social media and local job centers to help fill in the gaps. The success of the event lies in how well the stuff will cooperate.

Full time and part time staff members are expected to come already trained in their technical mandate. We, however, plan to give them a crush course of the event and ideology of the group to get a customized rendering of their services. Having most if not all of the volunteers from within our inner circles of acquaintances ensures that we have cohesion. The first and third of the three days are expected to be the busiest with peak attendance. Every volunteer will be expected to be on the grounds during those two days. The staff will have a team building exercise and rehearsals two days before the event. This is meant to create a bond and to bring out team work in the staff. The team building is also meant to motivate members of the staff. A motivated team would certainly give better output. Shenzhen City mayor’s office has permitted us to hold the event over three days.

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The event will be held on 27th, 28th, and 29th of May, 2016. Three days will be sufficient to achieve our targets. The event schedule will be run by the MC. On the first day the stage and arena will have been set up by 7.30 A.M. At 8 A.M, the event will be opened by the group leaders and presentations will commence afterward till 12.30 P.M. The event will continue at 2 P.M. after the lunch break. The MC should take over at precisely 2.10 P.M. and, from 2.15 P.M. to 2.45 P.M., selected members of the public and our organization will give speeches to the audience. After the speeches at around 2.45 P.M, presentations will continue till 5 P.M., being controlled by the MC. After the presentations, the event will be concluded for the day, after which members of the staff and organizers will meet on stage to discuss the successes and failures of the day. This schedule will be repeated for the following two days.

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During the event, we expect attendance from all corners of Shenzhen city. We are prepared for a maximum of 1500 people at full capacity. Two hundred tickets have already been sold from the local mall. 800 more tickets are expected to be sold by the day of the event, and 200 more are available for purchase at the gate on the day of the event. From past experiences and trends, we are confident of an attendance of at least 500 people.

A local transportation company will provide buses for transportation to the event for people who do not have private cars. Parking will be available outside the arena for 250 cars. A security company will be stationed at the gates to screen people coming into the event. Queues will follow laid out paths to discourage line cutting. To move the queues faster, ticket collection and security screening will be conducted at eight simultaneous stations. An initial queue will branch off into eight separate queues for ticket collection by teams of two. We expect visitors in trickles throughout the event. Once cleared, a stamp on the forearm will indicate a cleared guest. Crowd control might prove difficult in case the number of people is more than the expected, but we hope to be able to monitor the crowds and, in case ticket sales will exceed expected numbers of about 600, money from the excess ticket sales will go to employing extra security to help in the management of crowds.

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The closing of the event will be done by the entire team on the final day at 7 P.M. having packed the rented event supplies on a truck, the team will then clean the venue. The entire team will meet one last time for an evaluation of the entire event and count costs and expenditures. The part-time and full-time staff will be paid afterward, and the volunteers would receive ‘thank you’ tokens in the form of our organization’s t-shirts.

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