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How to Organize Your Wardrobe

Does getting dressed in the morning leave no time for breakfast? Does the daily search for socks take hours? Have not you seen your favorite jeans for months and have just found the same T-shirt you bought a week ago? It is a signal for you to organize things in your wardrobe. Not all people are so pedantic to put every article of clothing neatly folded in the right place. In most cases, having taken off our clothes, we simply throw them on any free shelf. If nothing is done, one day we may open the wardrobe and become victims of the clothes avalanche. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation and save time spent on looking for suitable clothes, you should remove all things from the closet, sort them as well as get rid of unnecessary ones, and organize the rest according to type, color or size.

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The process of organizing the wardrobe begins with the complete destruction of the ruling chaos, namely removing all things from the closet. You should choose the place for unsorted clothes. This can be your bed, couch or simply the floor. Then, start removing clothes from the upper part of the closet and gradually move down the shelves. Take moderate amounts of things and place them on the previously chosen place until the closet is empty.

Now you move on to the most important phase – prioritizing and sorting clothes. You start with the division of all things into three categories: wearable, donation, and garbage. For the last two categories bring some empty boxes as well as bags, and it would be great if you could label them or at least mark them somehow in order not to mix them up and throw away the wrong things. Take any article of clothing from the top of the newly formed piles and mark the priority level by answering the following questions: Have you been wearing it for the last six months? Does it still fit you? How does it look like (clean, dirty, torn etc.)? Can you fix the damaged areas? The clothes without any damages that have been taken from the closet in the last half of the year and still fit you undoubtedly receive high scores and belong to the category of wearable. The things that have lost their original attractive shape, have been damaged or have become too big or too small are definitely not worth being kept in your wardrobe.

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Finally, organize your clothes according to the type and place them according to their role. Return the things that have received the highest level of priority to the closet. Start with filling low shelves and move to the top. Try to organize clothes according to their type (outdoor clothes, jeans, dresses etc.) or according to the kind of weather they are suitable for. It is better to put small things into boxes and store them on top shelves, while shoes can be kept at the bottom of the closet. Always use hangers – clothes preserve their good look and are easy to notice and take out of the wardrobe. Having organized clothes that you will wear in the near future, you move on to the things that you should get rid of. The boxes with clothes for donation and things in bad condition should be delivered to donation centers and dump or recycling bins.

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Once you have removed piles of clothes from the closet, sorted them according to their quality as well as personal preferences, and organized them in proper places, your wardrobe is neat and well-organized. Now everything is in its place, and getting dressed is a true pleasure.

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