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A Character from Literature

To start with, I would like to admit that I have always been a very keen reader, and today, none of my friends or relatives can imagine me without reading a fascinating literary work. I am always fond of fiction; this is the reason why in the literature, there are a lot of characters I admire and those ones which can become good examples to follow.

If I could parallel myself with one of such characters, I think I would be eager to choose Mary, the protagonist of “Hatter’s Castle” written by A. J. Cronin in 1931. This girl has a lot of qualities I consider positive. Fortunately, I have never been in such terrible situations as Mary had to deal with, but I am really fond of her kind and loving nature. It is a common knowledge that only a loving person can be such a wonderful daughter, sister, and girlfriend as Mary was. I think that I have a lot of similar character traits as Mary had as I have always tried to do my best in being as good for my parents and relatives as possible. For example, even in childhood, Mary always wants to make her parents happy and pleased with her. She has to finish her education at school in order to help her mother keeping their household. It was her father’s wish, and Mary makes her mind find favor in his eyes. In this case, I think I would act in the same way as I not only want to help my parents in any way, but also I find my parents’ happiness the most preferable for me. On the other hand, I often think that I am a worse daughter than A. J. Cronin’s character was. I am sure that I need to become better and better, but still, I think that the similarity of me and Mary is obvious.

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Moreover, I am delighted at Mary’s intelligence as even though she had not got necessary education, she could act even more rationally than numerous other girls of her age. I think that her numerous deeds are really respected worthy, and I would like to be similar to her in numerous cases. Mary’s intelligence impressed me so much that it inspired me to study even more diligent. Although Mary was intelligent by nature, I think that, for me, it was impossible to be really clever without good education. Hard work on improving my skills made me similar to Mary. In spite of the fact that, in an abundance of cases, both Mary and I act in the same way, our self-dependence and self-confidence are one more character trait which makes us similar. I have always tried to rely only on myself; moreover, I am sure that it is impossible to achieve any goal without self-confidence.

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To top it up, I would like to highlight that it is complicated to retort the fact that every human is a personality; that is why the same two people cannot exist in the world. It is natural that it is difficult to find a literature character who would be the same as someone else, but I am sure that the protagonist of the novel “Hatter’s Castle” is similar to me; often, I want to follow her, and she is an exemplar for me.

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