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The Mist Wraith of the Apprentice

The novel The Mist Wraith of the Apprentice was written by a young promising American writer Chris Topaz. It was published in October 2012 in San Francisco. The book belongs to the genre of science fiction and is dedicated to the idea of having life outside the Earth. What is more, Topaz considers whether the humanity has some alternative option except for the Mars. He writes about the perspectives of settling down on other planets and how to adjust them to the human beings’ needs. It will generate an interest and curiosity in those readers who enjoy this genre. In the near future, it may become a science fiction bestseller.

In recent times, mankind has been trying to penetrate into the secrets of the universe. The unknown mysterious of the space dangle the researchers. Therefore, they are making multiple attempts to establish contact with extraterrestrials and get more knowledge about other worlds. In October 2012, the article “Alpha Centauri's Earth-Like Planet by the Numbers” appeared on CBSNEWS portal. It stated that the “newfound extra solar planet Alpha Centauri B” turned out to be “not only the nearest alien world to Earth, but it's also extremely Earthlike in size and mass” (2012). This published issue is indirectly reflected in the novel of Chris Topaz.

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The novel The Mist Wraith of Apprentice tells the readers about this newly made discovery and astrological achievement. It gives a marvelous chance to take part in the scientific expedition together with the novel’s characters and travel beyond the universe. The reader has the unique opportunity to co-exist with the characters in the artificial imaginary world created by the writer. The book narrates about dispatch of the space ship after the Earth’s ice age 2036. The Royal Mars Navy starts to explore nearby space. The task is to find the planet that will be appropriate for life. Thus, the exploration of the nearest star system - Beta and Alpha Centauri - begins. The novel’s characters Helen and Brent Lambda are human beings who are not deprived of any human features; they are smart, curious and passionate. The author pays a lot of attention to the ship life and the established rules. Topaz describes life of the characters on board of the space ship, the ship hierarchy, relationship between the people who are sent together for fulfilling a “high” complicated mission. It is a travel to something unknown, undiscovered, clandestine and mysterious.

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