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Using Technology in Creation

Technology in this era is a common phenomenon in all fields of application sciences. In medicine several milestones have been accomplished by the use of technology. Machines and other electronic equipment have been developed to treat diagnosis and care for patients and diseases. Apart from general treatment and diagnosis of diseases, technology has advanced research in the field of medicine. Diseases prevented from wearing off their patients and others patients can live longer days through proper medical diagnosis, (Judson, 2006).

The basic area in which technology has advanced is the creation, maintenance and transportation of medical records. Dos in preventing damage and unnecessarily risks, medical records should;

  • All medical records which are confidential for storage should be sealed, through the use of secure cabinets, safes with secure security mechanisms.
  • Transportation of medical records with sensitive information should be held in password protected briefcases and other secure documents.
  • In the creation of medical records, private data should not be displayed but sealed with the creator or doctors’ password.
  • Medical records should be up to date in their own database only accessible by the required personnel with specific authorizations.
  • Medical records storage databases security mechanisms should be updated and interchanged weekly or even daily to minimize risks.

Don’ts which might create risks in creation, maintenance and transportation of medical records;

  • In the creation of medical records, patient’s details should not be left anywhere but all the spoiled an unused data should be disposed in proper ways,
  • Medical records and patient information and data should not be accessed by anybody without proper clearance details.
  • Files and other medical record supervisors should not share their clearance records or misplace them without reporting.
  • During transportation of medical records, do not expose or read the data without consultation.
  • Doctors and other medical practitioners should not access patient information if not assigned to them.

All these are some of the simple Dos and Don’ts in the creation, maintenance and transportation of medical records. Therefore the sensitive and basic information should be available to every individual in the hospital or medical areas such as reception areas, telephone, computers, fax machines and the photocopiers, (Reason, 2004).

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