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The scream of silence. It is night. Jane was thinking about the story he has told. Now, sitting on the windowsill with her knees slightly bent and cuddled, she was looking at the object they have discussed. She was obsessed with that white smile of the night sky.

Could it be true that the moon and the sun were separated lovers because of forbidden feelings they had. They were cursed to be for eternity but never together – the sky for both but not at the same time.

The moon wanted to see the sun and every day made a wish. The longings proved to be not real. The broken wish turned into a bright star. A star stands for a desire, so you even can’t count how many days the moon was thinking of the sun.

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It was hard to say whether Jane was already dreaming or not. The ship with her thoughts that flied to the moon was stopped and sent back to the Earth by a call. A capitulated pilot took the phone:

“Jane, I am sorry. Please, try to understand”.

“Oh, no! It is not happening,” – was her first idea. “Michael, what are you doing?”

“Goodbye, my star”.

And then there was silence again. She jumped out of the windowsill, quickly dressed herself and went out. She already knew the place she must go – the highest building in the city.

Jane got there as fast as she could. There he was, standing at the very edge of the roof. His eyes were closed, and arms and legs apart.

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“Michael, do not do this!”

He has jumped out of his skin,

“You came!”

Her appearance was like a blow. He could not keep balance and fell.

Jane woke up with a loud scream that was the end of the silent night and thought, “Who was that Michael?” She had done some constructive thinking but did not remember any Michael. Her dreams overflew her.

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