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Sir Gawain and The Green Knight by Weston

In ancient times the stories of brave hearts were told. This is the one about the King Arthur`s court in Camelot and his nephew sir Gawain. The atmosphere of that life in the kingdom is represented in the poem with words: “And of the Table Round did the rich brotherhood / High revel hold alright, and mirthful was their mood” (Weston 3). Music, gifts and laughter filled the minds of the heroes one day, but the feast they had was interrupted by the Green Knight who suddenly appeared: “All green bedight that knight, and green his garments fair” (Weston 7). Green Knight proclaimed that the one who would take him down with his axe had to expect the returning of a blow in twelve months and a day. This challenge was taken by Arthur, but Gawain did not let him do it saying: “I pray thee of thy grace / Be this adventure mine!” (Weston 13). This was the moment when the young knight fought his fear, showed bravery and I would like to illustrate it by the internal monologue of Gawain:

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So many voices in my heart declare bitter things, because the king was touched by evil force. We all live to hate and to forgive but this Green Knight is a foe of the kingdom we live. I have a wish to protect Arthur and I will stand by his side no matter what pernicious hand wants to still the beat of the king`s heart. Though he will see no fear in my eyes while his defiance is doomed to have here no alliance. The enemy can only die, because I protect what is mine. I am not afraid to swear that in case of intrusion I will fight back.

This was a minute when one either rises or falls and does what he believes he must do. This is the story of a choice that was made and settled our hero on a dangerous life road of honor and love. Many adventures wait for sir Gawain in the future for he has taken the challenge of the Green Knight.

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