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Expository Essay using Comparison-Contrast Strategy


An expository essay is considered as a type of an essay that launches investigation of a legitimate idea and then requires the assessment of given evidence along with the explanation and analysis of that idea through variable techniques such as comparison and contrast, cause and effect, etc (Wong 143).  When asked to write an expository essay using the comparison and contrast strategy it was decided to utilize the block writing style to make the assessment of the essay easy to comprehend. Considering the fact that an expository essay had to be written comparing and contrasting two very important people in his life, it was quite difficult to choose from a broad array of people and experiences incurred with them. Finally it was decided to compare his father and his friend Razi, and analyze the effect their profound personalities have had on his perception of life.

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Experiences with Father and Razi

Living in a military family was not easy as Jordan’s father served in the Navy and the family had to travel constantly. Although Jordan looked at these required travels as a part of gathering experiences and exploring the world, there was still a part of him that wished for a stable home with permanent friends and a neighborhood that he could call his own. He did not mind these travelling expeditions as much as he did being away from his father. Although Jordan and his mother always travelled along with his father to each new post, the father stayed at the given naval base and they lived in the city.

The relationship with his father was something that greatly affected Jordan’s’ life and the way he perceived intimate relations. His father was a sturdy man who walked with the aura of authority and power which scared his son. Whenever Jordan went to new schools and made new friends, they all asked him about his father and were always impressed to know him as the naval base head officer. They considered him a fighter, a savior, who he was, but he was also never there for him. When his friends laughed about going to the cinema or to the park with their fathers he remained silent, smiling painfully. When they talked about the argument they had had with their fathers over dinner he wished for a dinner with his father and begged for arguments. His friends brought their parents on meetings and school plays but every time he looked at the stadium the place meant for his father remained empty. Due to this Jordan became aloof and slightly incapable of showing emotion. He became a quiet boy who did not show what he felt and this helped him in all those times his father did come to visit him and his mother. Every time they sat for dinner he hoped his father would say something to him, ask him a question about school or his friends, or if he needed something, but this never happened and the boy started wearing an invisible mask of emotions.

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After his father came his friend Razi who had an immense effect on his life. Being the son of a military naval officer, Jordan travelled all around the world from Arizona to Hawaii, Germany, Syria, and Italy. When he was in Syria he met Razi, his class-fellow and his confidante. Razi belonged to a Muslim family and was a complete opposite of his father. He was someone who made Jordan see little joys in life.

Jordan shifted to Syria when he was 11 and met Razi on the first day of school. As he was the new “foreign” student in a class not many children were friendly, but Razi sat next to him and started talking as if he had known Jordan since his birth. Despite the fact that Jordan was uneasy as he was not used to this sort of familiarity and affability, he soon got accustomed to Razi’s charm and openness. Razi could find something good in any one, from a big bully in school to a little mouse that scampered in a hardware closet. Razi taught Jordan to be thankful for everything he had and that changed him. One day while going back home from school Jordan told Razi about all his feelings and thoughts. He told him about his father, the authoritative man to whom Jordan did not have the courage to say a single word. He told him about the communication gap and how it felt empty when other children talked about their fathers. When both kids reached the designated stop Razi took a little detour and told Jordan that he was going to take him to meet his father. After walking for ten minutes Razi brought Jordan to a cemetery and went inside. Jordan followed silently and there he met Razi’s father. His grave was quiet, blooming with flowers; there Razi sat down looking at Jordan with his unfaltering smile and then Jordan realized how blessed he was.

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Razi’s father was in the Syrian military and had been killed when the boy was only five. His mother and the oldest brother did their best to provide everything for the family and even after going through all the implications in his life Razi kept smiling. Even though Jordan’s father barely came to meet him, he was still alive and breathing, and could be there for him whenever he needed him. After that day Jordan started thanking God for every given blessing. Unfortunately, soon Jordan had to part with Razi as he had to move to Italy.


In every person’s life there are always people who leave an effect on it. In this case Jordan’s father and Razi were two people who changed his view on life. Before them his perceptions of  life and relationships was much different, but experiencing life and its different events with them made him realize the importance of little things in life and how crucial it was to be thankful for whatever one has.

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