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A Perfect Leader


A perfect leader is a morally strong individual who entails the opportunity to learn from experience of personal success and failure. An excellent leader knows how to organize a group dynamic, and yet accepts to subdue to a stronger leadership voice. During a short period of time I have had an experience of observing my friend as a leader, from whom I have learnt many valuable lessons, which assisted me too in transforming into a strong individual. From what I have seen, leadership entails such features as the initiative to action, dynamism, the capability to be led by personal instance, faith in oneself and others, honesty, conveying moral and ethical principles, and humbleness. Over a couple of months, I found out that it takes time, effort and patience to become a leader. As time passed, I got closer with my friend and learnt what had I never realized about him before. I saw him change into a more confident and responsible individual, who feels at ease with his capabilities to lead, and make other people feel safe about themselves when under his leadership. Watching my friend lead people, I found out that leadership affects all the aspects of life, such as organization, or even helping other people. I acknowledge my friend as having a strong, effective leadership style, providing goal setting, teamwork, ethics, conflict resolution, and organization assets. Below I describe the experience of observing my friend being a leader.

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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing my friend, I always assumed that he valued his strengths and took benefits of his capabilities, but disregarded his weaknesses. Yet, in order to grow he had to accept both his fortes and his fables, and work on developing them in order to turn them into an instrument of positive power. It was difficult to face this fact and really challenging for my friend to work on accepting and pursuing the ideology that true leadership entails. First of all, he has an innate sense of taking control and manages the real life situations even under unexpected circumstances. Among my friend’s strengths I can name the capability to cut straight to the chase under any circumstances and not to be unfocused by non-essential matters. Moreover, he always envisions the needs and the requirements at the core of the deal, and reproaches their achievement obstinately. Combined with his goal-orientedness and energy his innovative thinking makes him an effective action leader.

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Nevertheless, I can separate his extreme perfectionism as his negative trait. His overprotective systematic manner holds back the process and sometimes does not require such scrutiny. He even gets upset when realizing that having the potential, people do not demonstrate the degree of efforts they could have. He finds it really hard to work with people who do not perform the same extent of dedication to the project as he does.

At the leadership class, I realized that leadership is a process of accomplishing a common goal by using the application of other people’s strengths and weaknesses by evolving cooperative deeds. The leader is not necessarily the wisest, the most experienced, or the most skilled of all. Yet, the leader is empowered to encourage, motivate and reward the followers to use their resources in order to succeed. I am glad to have a friend, who enhances these leadership abilities.

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Food and Beverage Supervisor

Last summer my friend became the food and beverage supervisor at the neighboring hotel. This role was completely new to him, nevertheless, the possession of such skills and features of character as an excellent team member, innovative thinking, strong motivation, and energy to perform his leadership skills helped him to feel at ease at this new position very soon after the beginning. Flattering his generating ideas state of mind, he had a motivation and freedom to alter the training and evolvement of the department. This new venture provided him with the perfect chance to learn new things about the leadership experience and his own character as well.

During first several weeks, he was listening to the employees, observing, asking questions, and testing the language to assist himself to gauge culture and some team attributes with which he would be performing. According to my friend, based on his personal observations and conversations with the director and the manager, it became obvious that he had to reframe the connections between the team members, as well as the connotation of training and learning. To hold up the envisioned outcome, he also had to introduce the new language.

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Together with the manager, my friend designed a novel image of group dynamics based on the personal discussions about the shift alterations and meetings, which were also brought up to the general denominator with all team members, in order to produce output, and to assist the members of the team in becoming part of the fabric of the hotel’s restaurant. It had a deep positive influence on the way people relate.

He later introduced a modification to the notion of learning and training. No longer was it an instructor-centered activity that members of the team “made it through.” My friend initiated a facilitation of learner-centered experiential learning, which the supervisor team was not entirely ready to lead in this sort of environment. However, they have evolved a novel basis for the direction with three dissimilar leadership teams to assist them in constructing own definitions. For such purpose, he had cooperated with every group utilizing experimental conversational tasks, where they created their own characterization of professional attributes for the working statuses. Then they shaped the review process to appraise and reward workers based on the capability to perform the attributes they created.

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My friend had also provided the HR with the idea to choose the candidates for a job based on the same attributes. Through the entire process, he was treating the dissimilar nodes within the human evolvement process as the living system. In order to support the novel expectations he had to move the authority to the teams, which were engaged to brainstorm at the meetings regarding the novel expectations, and apply decision making and self-organization in their performance.

Taking a glance at my friend’s achievements and investments, I believe that he was a quite successful leader, who performed a clear and compelling image, which mattered to the team and entire company. His personal professional grip for the organization through communication within the group served of a great importance for staff of the entire hotel’s restaurant whom he empowered for decision making and contribution, keeping calm and concentrated in the most hostile moments. Through the entire time he persistently showed professionalism, dedication, and integrity, entitled as approachable, friendly, humorous, and empathetic leader. His new idea of personnel orientation each week introduced the notion of caring and help in personal and professional growth and alteration.

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The lessons I have taken from the personal experience of my friend’s leadership as the food and beverage supervisor was helpful for me to realize his path to success of becoming a leader. Motivation, determination, girth, and hard work are the instruments one requires to possess in order to become a successful leader. Altering from a disadvantage into strength, his exceeded striving for perfection motivated him to work for and with the team in developing a pleasant environment for the staff and clients. Now I know from my friend’s experience that the formula of a successful leader is motivated and empowered by a fairly new and unfamiliar, yet fascinating career opportunity.

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