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A Personal Development Planning (PDP) Report


A Personal Development Planning is defined as a process that enables individual students to think about their learning, performances, and achievements, and to use these aspects of their learning to improve on their personal and career development (Arnold, 1997).  As such, it helps the learner to think not only about the knowledge they have acquired, but also to plan to acquire more knowledge in the future. It makes the learner aware of the progress they were making in the learning process, and hep them to be able to identify their strong and weak points (Arnold, 1997). For example, a learner is able to identify is/her areas of concern and approach his/her tutor to address them. Subsequently, the learner is able to demonstrate to potential employers that he/she has acquired strategies tat makes him/her a desirable worker, a well motivated and focused individual (Schein, 1993), through his/her PDP. As such, a PDP is divided in to three main areas: Career Aspirations; Experiences of learning and development; and Future Objectives.

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1.1  Career Aspirations I would like to be a career Property Developer, with particular interest in sales and lettings. Property developers are often seen as the ‘conductors’ of the property business. This is because they are better placed to carry out a wider range of activities that relate to properties such as: finding the best locations to build the property, applying for and obtaining the planning permission, sourcing the funds to help in the building of the property, and leasing of the property.
In the context of the United Kingdom (UK), Development   is defined as any efforts towards building, Engineering or other operations on, or over or under land, or the making f the materials used in these activities (Town and County Planning Act 1990). Property development is therefore considered a wide range of directly or indirectly linked activities of development. For most people though, the primary interest is for them to make money (Schein, 1993).   To ensure this happens, the role of property development should be played with utmost precision and caution, following a specific chronologic sequence of the events (Peiperl al., 2002). This involves first researching the property Development market to determine the new trends that are developing in the market. Secondly, a property developer should best locate the property where it would fetch optimum amount of money- not necessarily in the middle of the town where the prices would be higher. The importance of location to the success of the business is best portrayed in the works of Harold Samuels, who founded Land Securities, especially in the now infamous location, location, location (Jackson, 2000). The third prerequisite would be for the property developer to boost their initial deposit or capital by approaching various credit institutions and banks to source for funds. At the same time he/she should consult legal professionals in his/her efforts to obtain licences or planning permissions before the development can begin.  All these activities are then followed by the actual development of the property which might involve buying of raw land to construct buildings or engaging in conversions and renovations of the existing buildings (Jackson, 2000).  However, the ultimate goal of the property developer is to market these properties so as to be able to sell or lease them at profit. This requires a strong grip of the costs and expenditures through out the process of ensuring that these properties are into being, and are marketable (Jackson, 2000).
1.2  Skills Required/Demanded in Your Chosen Occupation/Role For this kind of a career, I am equipped with knowledge and skills in  Marketing and sales, excellent communication skills, able to work in a fast pace environment, be a team player, and the ability to be adaptable among others.
The position of a property developer requires that an individual has no particular qualifications though (Jackson, 2000). The first prerequisite is for that individual to have sufficient to be able to make the first purchase, and then proceed from the proceeds from the first sale (Jackson, 2000).
However, the need for marketing before an individual property developer can make this sale requires that the individual has some marketing skills. As such, a range of qualifications should be considered by the developer. Such qualifications, in the UK, include: a University degrees, including an MSc in property development; awards in property assessment and both residential and commercial letting from the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP); techniques in construction site management, survey and valuation; and residential property management and sales (Hopson et al., 1999).       
The description of this job however inevitably requires that an individual has good attributes for business operation such as: flexibility and the ability to be involved and work through a range of different projects; ability to work under high pressure; a solid grasp of numbers and information about finance; marketing and saes skills, excellent project management skills including skills in evaluation of variety of factors; be informed about the costs and how to manage them; be willing to work extra hours to seal the deals effectively and profitably; and have team work and management skill apart for good communication skills (Alrawi, 2007).  
1.3  a.) ONE Strength (with examples) As an individual, Sales is my biggest strength. For example, when I first meet somebody, I try to build a good relationship first.  It is through this relationship that I identify what the customer/client needs and then develop the best approach to achieve the requirements of the customer (Hopson et al., 1999). This has served me well as a marketer because customers, just like in big corporations, like to be heard and that their needs are given chief priorities in the transactions (Alrawi, 2007). 
1.3 b.)  ONE Weakness (with examples) In the course of my studies and work on different projects, I have realised that my greatest weakness is the lack of attention to details. For example, while working on any of my projects, I have noticed that I spend too much unnecessary time just trying to analyse the details. This consumes time leaving me with limited time to plan and perform the execution of this information. 




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Experience 1: In the course of my property marketing projects, I once let a flat to a customer but a week later, the same customer called complaining about the leaking roof of the building. I was modest and approached the situation with politeness. I called the landlord of the flat and asked that the leaking roof be fixed. The landlord responded promptly and fixed the leaking roof.
What did you learn? It is from this experience that I learned the importance of being nice and polite to your customers.  Customers have needs and these needs should be put first when making transactions in the property development industry. This is by and large because a satisfied customer means a done deal and a more than probable chance of making a profitable sale or let (Hopson et al., 1999).
How have/will you use this new skill to aid the achievement of your career aspirations? This experience taught me that in future endeavours, I need not to panic in the face of customer dissatisfaction and complaints. Instead, as a sales and marketing agent in the field of property development, I should remain calm and try to the best of m abilities to find the best solution to the problem at hand. This experience has therefore accorded me an extra knowledge of how marketing should be conducted and the importance of the customer in the whole transaction. 
Experience 2: My second experience is based on the importance of agreement of all parties about the terms and conditions of each other’s operations, in the transaction involved in property sales and marketing. I once came across a landlord who had a property he was willing to rent. I went looking and found a possible tenant to his property. However, when I put across my charges, the landlord was objective and we could not agree anymore. This is by and large because we had not agreed about the terms and conditions of our operations from the start. If we had, then there would have not been a point of contention.
What did you learn? From the experience, I learnt that it is equally an important part of the transactions to present, agree on and sign the Terms and Conditions of operation or of the transaction before carrying out any of these transactions.  
How have/will you use this new skill to aid the achievement of your career aspirations? In the future business, this experience has taught me to device, formulate and document my terms and conditions for performing business transactions, and to always present the terms and conditions before the transactions are underway. This way, all the parties involved are either satisfied or dissatisfied before hand, and the decision to either continue with the transaction or to abort it is made before any losses can be incurred (Hopson et al., 1999).
Experience 3: As a professional property developer, the sales and marketing of these properties require platforms with clientele that is thinking the same way as the property developer. In my third experience therefore, I attended a social property event that was attended by major players in the field of property development and a whole host of clients who were interested in finding out what was new in the field.
What did you learn? In the event, I met various professional and accomplished property developers and other like minded individuals that I had to consider my qualifications and experiences. However, these people were eager to know the new things about the world of property development and I was more than glad to offer some insight. It dawned on me how much these events provided the opportunity to meet possible clients and mentors in the field of property development sales and marketing (Hopson et al., 1999).
How have/will you use this new skill to aid the achievement of your career aspirations? These events therefore offer an individual property developer and sale and marketing agent with a chance to broaden his/her circle of business partners or clientele, enabling him/her to gain more ground in and establish him/her self in the property development market.


The business of property development, especially the marketing aspect of it, is fast becoming a very competitive one. This is because investments all over the would have fast taken the trend of building and managing properties so that other corporate bodies or organisations could find places to establish and run their businesses freely- for example, the real estate ownership business has been ranked the number one investment business in the world (Arthur et al., 1999). The lucrative nature of the business has attracted a lot of interest from investors the world over, hence a lot of completion. To be able to qualify and effectively compete in this world of property development therefore, it is essential that I set myself a set of relevant and achievable objectives, to be achieved in a set time frame. The objectives that would be relevant for my chosen career include:


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Objective 1: I should aim to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics so as to attain the qualifications that would make me a credible competitor of the more established sales and marketing agents in the property development business (Jackson, 2000). This would equip me with the knowledge and the necessary self-belief to perform in the business and allow me to make profitable transactions, which is the ultimate goal of every sales person.
Outline of specific actions associated with the achievement of the above objective. I specifically plan to achieve this by giving my studies the ultimate attention and concentration. This is because a lot of factors can cause an individual student, no matter how focused, to be derailed and fall short of his/her expected achievements of grades. The attainment of good grades gives the students higher chances of advancement to the next level or acquisition of the knowledge of marketing and sales out there in the field (Jackson, 2000), hence the importance of staying focused on my studies. 
Time frame for achievement of the above objective. In my endeavour to achieve this goal, I have already done one and a half years of my Business Economics course and am left with one and a half years to complete. I plan to complete within this period of tie without any delays. This will accord me with an immediate experience in the business of property development and allow me to develop on my experiences sooner rather than later. This aspect of time, it is worth noting, could mean the success or the failure of an individual in this business of property development and marketing (Emerald, 1995). 
Objective 2: To help broaden my knowledge and experience, and to expose myself to the operations of the property development industry before hand, I am seeking a part-time trainee property consultant’s role in an estate agency, preferably in the west end or within the city of London. London is a vast market for property development and ownership business and will therefore accord me the opportunity to learn about the different markets involved in this business (Jackson, 2000).
Outline of specific actions associated with the achievement of the above objective. To ensure that this opportunity is granted to me and that I do not have to forgo it, I will be applying for this position online and making sure that I register with the necessary agencies, an aspect that would almost certainly secure me the trainee position. This is because, as earlier mentioned, the lucrative nature of this business has attracted a lot of interest and there will be thousands of other students in the same course competing for this trainee position. Therefore, the fulfilment of these requirements is meant to give me an edge over most of the other students.
Time frame for achievement of the above objective. To ensure maximum utilisation of my time at the agency, and also to ensure that I gather the most of experiences from them, I would like to start my trainee role in the agency in Summer so as to take advantage of the summer holidays that will offer ample time to be in the agency and gain maximum experience.
Objective 3: My interest in the field of property development and marketing to ensure returns has meant that I have to familiarise myself with the terms of operations in this industry, and the terminologies used to refer to these operations. As such, I am looking to enrol in a property development and marketing course to improve my knowledge of the specific terminologies used in the industry. This has the advantage of enabling me to effectively communicate with more established players in the industry (Jackson, 2000).
Outline of specific actions associated with the achievement of the above To help save on the time and the inconvenience that comes with having to attend tom two courses tat the same time, I would most probably perform this objective by looking online, in property publications, and asking for referrals from property professionals so as to get a grip of only the vital information and terminologies I need to operate in the business and avoid the waste of time with the preliminaries of the course.
Time frame for achievement of the above objective. These efforts are currently underway and in three months’ time, I hope to have achieved the most of this objective.

In conclusion, this Personal Development Planning is meant to prepare me for the challenges and tasks that are the every day occasions in the property development industry so as to maker me a reliable, effective and profitable marketing and sales agent.   

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