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Inequalities of Gender


Gender inequality implies the range of characters that distinguish the males and females in the society basing on the roles they are assigned. There are restrictions placed on the choices of women in the society which impact on their health and education because of lack of decision-making. There is a struggle for legal equality in Asia where women are considered oppressed for centuries. The argument has been that all individuals are equal before the law. There has been violence against women in the society because of gender inequality. The inequality between men and women is because of the culture of the community where the males are viewed to be of more value than the women. This has affected the Asian society for a long period. The following is the inequalities in my society.

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This paper explicates the gender inequalities common in my society.

Firstly, there has been inequality whereby preference is given to boys over girls thus leading to a male dominated society. In this case, the gender inequality has been manifested where the parents will prefer giving birth to male babies rather than girls. According to Scrase, Holden, and Baum (2003) this has affected my society in the way that it does not allow females in the society to make decisions on how to improve the society. With the improved technology, individuals are learning the sex of the children that are going to be born hence leading to the increased cases of abortion when they learn that they are expecting a girl child.  

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There is also inequality in the employment sector. Women face many challenges before they are employed than the men who have the same qualifications. For instance, in my society, women are not allowed to hold leadership positions because they are perceived inferior compared to their men counterparts. This has in turn made most women in the society believe that they are not fit to take up the leadership positions and represent the society. Scrase, Holden, and Baum (2003) assert that the education system has focused on producing male professionals compared to women. This is because of the strong belief that men have more leadership ideas compared to women.

In my society, ownership of property is unequally distributed between the two genders. Basic assets like homes and land are mainly viewed as men’s properties. This has led to women lagging behind in terms of development because they are not allowed to own the properties. For instance, women are not allowed to inherit the properties from their parents. This in my view has led to discrimination against women making them appear inferior in the eyes of the entire society.  

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The household chores are mainly left to the women forcing them to stay at home while men seek to work outside in high paying jobs. Ozbilgin and Syed ( 2009) claim that this led to minimal or no promotions for women in the society to executive places. The rate of unemployment among women in my society has increased because of the belief that they are required to work as housewives. Lastly, there is inequality in which the special opportunities where by the opportunities of getting education are fewer to the women compared to the men who are given the first priority. There are divisions in the higher education to train male professionals compared to the female ones.

The following issues require a close consideration, to ensure that there are no inequalities in the society. Firstly, women issues have been advocated through specially formed women movements where issues relating to fair treatment of the girl-child are raised. By ensuring that the girl child is given the same chances to excel as the boy child, they will improve the living standards of the society because the dependency ratio will eventually go down.

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The women also need to be allowed to demonstrate their leadership capabilities in the society to be able to advocate for the development of women in society. Scrase, Holden, and Baum (2003) intimate that for a long time, women have not had any representation in the society, this has made them lag behind in developmental matters compared to men. After being given equal chances to access the leadership positions, they would improve their living standards and they could now be allowed to own properties.

By ensuring that women are treated the same as men, societal conflicts between the two genders would reduce due to the improved understanding between the two genders. This will enable the society to move forward in terms of development. Every individual in the society will be compelled to work to improve the society’s well-being. This can be achieved through ensuring that women are not restricted to working in the household chores. They should instead be allowed to go out and engage in the development programs for the society. Ozbilgin and Syed (2009) assert that if the women are allowed to participate in decision-making, they would come up with the ideas that improve the society.

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In conclusion, the Asian society has been facing inequalities where the male gender is considered more important than their female gender. This has led to discrimination of women in seeking of employment and property ownership. In order to ensure that there is no inequality, the girl-child should be given the same treatment as the boy-child. If women are allowed to take up the leadership careers, they would contribute to the development of the society.

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