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Decision Making

1. There is no doubt that decision making is very important for successful operating of a company. The employees of each company perform different tasks and all their work is directed by the managers. At the same time, the managers’ task is to find out the best ways to do the work. Therefore, the main task of each manager is to make decisions. Otherwise, the work of the company will just stop. That is why decision making as well as managing the whole process of work are the essential duties of a manager.

2. If a manager relies only on some personal preferences but not on the needs of a company, then the decisions he makes may negatively influence the company’s progress. In some cases, managers’ intuition can help, for example, to choose the right business partner. The one who seems more pleasant can later offer more advantages. Although, the managers should try to analyze what is better for the company, because their wrong decisions can lead to the implications like little profits, mass dismissal or even bankruptcy of the company.

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3. Of course, it is not always easy to make decisions. When a manager is uncertain of what to decide, he should, first of all, think of all the implications, which can be caused by a wrong decision. Then it is possible to choose the way, which will be the best for the company. If such analyzing does not help, the manager may negotiate the issue with the colleges. They may notice some new opportunities or disadvantages of the decisions suggested by their manager

4. Organizations have increased the use of groups for making decisions, because they help to make this process easier. First of all, a group of people can decide much faster what should be made in order to achieve success. A group of smart people can not only use their own knowledge, but also listen and analyze the ideas of their colleges. It is a good idea to go in for a group decision making, when a manager is uncertain of what choice will be the best for the company.

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