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Definition of Time Management Skills

Definition of Time Management Skills

There is no consensus on the definition of time management skills in the previous researches. Lakein (1973) proposed that time management skills implies the process of identifying needs, determining goals to meet these needs, and prioritizing and planning of a task is necessary to achieve these objectives. Many authors suggest Time Management definition in their own way. Thus, time management skills refers to as a systematic procedure for the optimum time use, especially creating the sufficient time to perform many required tasks; the techniques for managing time; a technique for gaining awareness of time use; planning and allocating time. In other words, it is a technique to increase the time availability to pursue activities and intents to maximize the intellectual productivity. (Lakein 1973)

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Definition of Delegating Skills

Delegation is the accountability and responsibility for outcomes or achievements to an organization or an individual. Delegation can be permanent or temporary. Delegation is not simply assigning tasks or jobs to be carried. Usually, a delegated job takes a shorter time framework to complete. It does not entail people what to be done, rather it necessitates explaining the results and outcomes they should achieve. (Andrew 1997)

Explain the Role of Managers

A manager will be successful in his mission if he has the quality of unselfish leadership. The managers play a leading role in all operations, by establishing the trends from the lower rang, representing themselves as a guiding spirit and a role model for their employees. Their duty consists in developing the policies which require the effective time management in the organization and to act upon and define the core values connected with the performance. (Mullins 2010)

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Time Management plays a vital role in achieving the business goals, and managers take this aspect seriously in their work for maximizing the employee’s productivity and satisfaction (Drucker 1967). For the efficient management, managers should develop a high culture of work in the organization by communicating the mission and values to its employees and stakeholders of the company; defining work requirements and effective communication with everyone for achieving a success in business goals and ensuring the improvement in the overall performance. Managers must update their subordinates about their efforts in achieving the goals and recommending the correct measures for non achievements. Managers also create a belief among employees about the importance of improvement by continuous learning in the productivity. (Time Management 2005)

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Importance of Time Management

Winstanley D. said, “Time-management means controlling the utilization of time and deciding sensibly to extract maximum output in given time”. Successful managers give a significant importance to the effective time management. They consider without practicing the effective Time Management it is impossible accomplishing the mission and objectives of their organization.

The importance of the effective time management skills for a manager in discharging responsibilities are as under:

Time Management allows prioritize of work

Proper time management scheduling of tasks is effective, and it provides a lot of stress reliefs and sufficient time to implement priorities. Completing a job in the stipulated time can be a stressful activity. The majority of managers lose a lot of time for thinking and planning. Too often, unplanned tasks consume much time that becomes a part of routine work, and then managers lose the priorities on other kinds of activity. Nevertheless, the cause is all due to improper time management. These problems could cause a lot of stresses. Hence, managers should recognize that the labor productivity does not simply mean doing several tasks. They need to have wisdom in balancing these activities and ensure that they discharge their responsibilities effectively. In the event, of so many tasks at hand, there is a likelihood of failure in meeting the deadline or if there is a planning of multiple jobs at the same time. It can lead to a reduction in the productivity and wastage of time. Its remedy is time management that can prevent such events from occurring.  For example, BMW managers use effective Time Management in its enhanced strategic production planning process when production commences. In this process, the production stretches to 12 months, divided into monthly periods, so that it comprises the complete life cycle of the vehicles. (Amos 1998)

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Time Management Helps to Achieve Big Goals

To achieve success in career a key task is to set goals.  All goals should be mapped onto a timeline. This timeline has to be managed. Any goal without a proper timeline is as strong as a moving goal post. It takes time to achieve success in career. Therefore, managers need to understand the significance of Time Management as their success in career reckons on these small steps across time. If Managers care for seconds, neither the minutes and hours will not waste, not will be days. All this can pile up into poor performance. The significance of time management is to realize that with small steps across time it is possible to accomplish ambitious goals, and achieving a goal has always been significant in Time Management.  Bigger projects need completion in certain fixed time, and here efficient Time Management comes into practice. All managers from coordinating departments need better cooperation for timely completion of work, for example, In September 2003, Denver International Airport’s (DIA) begin operations much before of its completion deadline. (Williams 2007)

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Efficiency of Work Relates To Time

Efficient at work concerns to managing time effectively. Ideal use of time helps managers to complete more tasks in least possible time. Effective time management provides faster completion of tasks and it is possible to handle many valuable tasks in the future. With better Time management, it is possible to become a competitive advantage to the company as well as over colleagues. This brings better performance score, more respect and trust from management and colleagues. The aspect of time management should always be kept in mind so that it is possible to climb higher in the corporate ladder. (Donna 2004)

Works accumulates due to ineffective, inefficient and poor time management skills. Then it results in chasing own tail; backlogged work mixes with current work while future projects also requires attention, these accumulated work built pressure.  Before comes a stage of realization, stress of backlogging start affecting the health and degrading the quality of work and it is all because of lack of time management skills that have caused this stress. For example, A. K Taneja,  career growth from Management Trainee to President of  “Shriram Pistons and Rings Ltd” India, one the India’s leading group in Automobile sector, is the best example of  efficient Time Management for a successful career. (Heather 2005)

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Time management brings more productivity

Many companies offer time management training to their employees to increase productivity and performance. Managers can motivate subordinates to restrict the unnecessary activities in the work environment by managing time effectively. When there is less time wasting activity, employees can concentrate more on tasks and finish tasks on time. Usually timescales and milestones are measuring tools in a work setting, which defines necessary time for the performance of some tasks. These time standards measure actual employee’s productivity. Productivity of employees depends on the allocated level of a task. If workers are lazy and occupy in additional activities, they demand additional time. If the employees know Time Management and do not misuse the time allocated to them, they will be more productive. In this way, time management brings productive performance in an organization. Toyota offers Time Management programs to its employees. Employees go through practical training of Time Management in various departments and learn how to complete job in an allotted time. (Davidson 2010)

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Importance of Delegation Skills

A manager cannot carry out all operations assigned to him. For achieving goals, manager should possess delegation skills. Delegating skills enable the manager to divide his powers and entrust the work responsibility to his subordinates. Delegation is all about entrusting subordinates to perform some parts of his total task. Thus, delegation is the sub-allocation and subdivision of powers to subordinates in order to achieve the desired results. (Burns 2002)

Delegation is a powerful, systematic process in all management operations. At times, the task of any manager goes beyond his capacity, or he has multiple tasks in a given time framework, so there should be a suitable system to support his activity. That is why management considers delegation skill is as a powerful tool in the organizational functioning. Delegation skills also support managers in multiplying themselves by multiplying their tasks with their subordinates. (Heller 1998)

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