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Good Leaders Inspire

Discuss and give your views on the statement "Once the leader has a proven style for a particular task and a particular team of subordinates, in repeat situations the same style should be applied."

Good leaders inspire, care, set examples, effectively organize and plan the work of the team, develop professional and personal skills of their subordinates, but their final aim is to give the results, and these results should be impressive and unbelievable. Within last century researches leadership is not a mystery any more but it will never become an exact science, as succeed performances and deals can be analyzed, but can hardly be exactly repeated.

Scientists distinguish several styles of leadership. The most common among them are coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, placesetting and coaching, according to Daniel Goleman (Goleman, 2000). The best leaders represent the extraordinary mixture of few styles in one situation. But we should not forget that leadership is not just a bare strategy. Skills, abilities, intelligence and natural behavior of each employee, not just of the particular leader, influence on the lasting results. Thus, if a proven style for a particular task gave results once it has sense to use some of its techniques again, but main tips should differ. It will keep team constantly involved and interested. Innovation always acts as stimulus and it can not be omitted in the leadership matter too.

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Let's analytically contemplate to prove this statement. If a firm deals with the same tasks and projects every day and some prominent leader has organized its work such, that achieved good results. So he/she decides to follow the chosen strategy again and again. How long will the workers do well a routine job? Will they generate new ideas? Will it even be right to call their director a leader? The connotation of this word speaks for itself. A leader is someone, who leads people and the best leader should lead the team forward not just invent the right strategy for a sample task and its endless implementation.

In addition we should not forget about the human factor and its effects on the things settlement. There would never be the same questions asked and the same employees' reaction to them, what demonstrates once again that a proven style which has succeed in a particular task can be partially applied in the similar further situations, but be will never become a panacea, what forces great leaders to constant self-development and flexibility.

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