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Fifth Generation Management


XYZ is a very busy holiday company that deals with the services to mainly the tourists and other important dignitaries. This is a company that deals with services including issues like restaurants, inns, travelling services, dinning and accommodation services. It is therefore very paramount that the management of such organization must deal with the menace of fighting the major competitors in the immediate market as this could help them in attaining the level ground in scrambling for the customers therein (Bruce 1992).

The Company has its head quarters in the UK and has very numerous numbers of branches in the neighboring countries plus all other tourist destinations in the world. This is a company that is in great competition from the likes of Hilton, Continental among other very exotic five star hotels in the world. This will therefore call for proper and adequate discipline among the work force right from the top to the bottom of the managerial system in the country.  This company prides itself in the availability of twelve imaginary centers at the coast along the Asia Pacific and the Caribbean gulf. It yearns for management teams that take care of the sales, expenditure and bring a turnaround motive to the services offered at the company.

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In order to achieve the best out of this company the employer or in other the individual responsible for the recruitments in this sector must be ready to tackle and face issues as they come their way. Since this a very sensitive sector to the economy of most countries, it is important to handle matters carefully and this calls for the proper drawing of the IDEF model that will surely transform the face of the organization. This model would help the management in the full understanding of the business environment based on the principles put down by Porter in his management tool design. The IDEF is a model used in the measurement of the effectiveness of the performance index in a specific firm. It harmonizes the management functions at different levels and scales in the entire business enterprise. This would then help the entire management system in their allocation of funds to different sectors according to their respective strengths, weaknesses and needs.

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Leadership Overview

Management strategy for this firm sets the general standards of quality, while giving franchises freedom to form localized decisions. This strategy improves the participation of the franchises in the decision-making process. Development of new products helps in addressing the issue of the customer’s concerns. Profitable value combination combines the ad campaign to promote products. A company with 1 million budgets is capable of achieving a high level of consumer awareness. Customers describe ad campaigns as an easy method of customer satisfaction and acquisition of the best value products (Charles 1996).

Over two thousand people visit the firm daily with 60-70% preferring the after sale service on the products. Service is done within a remarkably short time hence coordination of activities ensures that the firm plus its outlets delivers the expected services. The service crew participates actively in these activities. The engineering department organizes a layout and the equipments. Operation strategies have a powerful component that anticipates customers flow patterns and selection of food depending on the history in the trend and analysis. The information guides the company in the preparation of menu. Security is beefed up once the food is stored in a bin for ten minutes before it is disposed.

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The managers maximize the contact time with the staff and customers in order to acquire first hand information about the progress. Business Objects reports, questions and analyzes the issues in the company. Intranet acts as a medium of communication in the company. Oracle database contains restaurant performance, thus enabling the creation of sales income reports, business controls and the services delivery. Preparation of these reports occurs daily to enhance the efficiency of operation. Proper management and understanding of the business performance becomes easy and accurate. The management introduces measures that guide and enhances business promotion. Managers conduct three monthly visits to collect viable information regarding the firm. Management, however, recognizes the importance of product promotion due to the increased competition and price sensitivity. The ultimate target for the company is to maximize sales.

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Strengthening of Customers

This is also called the buyer’s power. Managers emphasize on the importance of the customers understanding. Managers stay abreast with corporate and local cultures in every country. Customer’s satisfaction becomes the first priority for the company. The Company studies the culture of the Chinese well and makes them understand the importance of new product brand in the solar industry (Mayer 1990). The locals may have their own taste; the company creates some uniqueness to attract the new customers. The company explains the advantages of the introduction of the American idea and culture to these residents.

Customer satisfaction attainability depends on the ability to incorporate a number of factors including fairness, branding and responsiveness to the customer’s grievances. The ability to win customers’ confidence for a long period challenges most companies. Customer’s confidence links the customers to the company, hence enabling it to attain long-term loyalty. Consistency determines the profits that the company gets. Companies that have a constant number of customers enjoy the ease of operation.

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Violation of the customers’ right creates unfairness forcing the customers to opt for services from other companies. Attainment of total fairness in the operation relies on the ability of the company to observe the justice principles. Branding of the products is crucial in the ability to attract customers (Patricia 1989). Modern trend in online branding creates a number of challenges and at the same time an opportunity and experience for digital branding environment. Businesses should adopt integrated brand strategies. The experience and presence brand creates pleasurable experience in product branding. Consideration of customer’s grievances at the opportune moment helps the company win their trust. The Company should make changes in the products or services depending on the customer’s grievances. It must treat issues leading to the customer’s dissatisfaction as crucial. The managers are particularly vigilant on these matters and have an outstanding team working to solve the problems hampering the smooth flow of activities.

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Suppliers versus purchasing powerThis is also called the sellers power. XYZ emphasizes on the use of the work force than relying too much on the technology in the United States as opposed to other countries of the world. The work force needed to serve the customers should undergo regular training. Communication strategy in the company is crucial in the relationship between customers and the members of staff. Proper communication skills ensure that customers get service efficiently, since no distortion of information occurs (Perakath 1994).

Employees receive information constantly from the management through blogs. This ensures that they get proper information about the company and the need to embrace it. The company finds an easy task training the workforce due to the information provided in advance. The company strategizes methods of staff training in a proper manner. Effective workers should be flexible. The flexibility enables the workers to serve people from different cultures.

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The firm must recognize the importance of workers as evidenced by the supply chain. The company takes advantage of the fact that its suppliers have the same characters; hence it borrows some ideas from it. It treats the employees with respect, dignity, and fairness. Most of the suppliers have a stable workforce and operate in large scale hence ideas borrowed from them can help in expansion (Richard 1995). It should consider all genders in the employment, thus implying that nobody has an upper hand during employment. The other solar companies normally have a greater percentage of unqualified employees.

Market Dominance

This is the avenue that the firm uses in order to quench the threats from both substitutes and those from new entrants in the market. It has three strategic priorities incorporated in the important values. The first priority emphasizes on the value-meal combination targeting to enhance the company’s objectives on behalf of customers. The value combination targets to increase the number of customers. A relatively low price results from the quality type of product. Most people like it when the amount of money spent match the quality of the commodity. Low quality products signify consumer exploitation, especially when the price fixation becomes unfavourable for the customers. XYZ should generate innovative ideas in order to ensure that the company gains much profit without influencing customers negatively (Robert 1995).

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The company targets to increase the quality of services for its customers. The company targets to increase the contact with its customers through communication, efficiency, high quality products and servicing techniques. Proper communication procedure considers culture. Religious, moral and ethnic factors considerably affect the information to be conveyed. This ensures that the company does not neglect certain individuals, since the Company targets to increase the number of customers. The firm embraces American cultural imperialism to survive the competition existing market countries. Notably, the cultural system emphasizes on children culture, but it chooses to ignore it. However, the company targets to create a world of changing families enabling individuals to acquire new ideas from the advancement in the solar technology.











The third factor emphasizes on the cost reduction without putting the quality on the line. Innovations in the field of energy processing, design, and construction, create efficiency in production. Production efficiency increases company’s profits without overcharging them. The local culture does not condone the activities of the company where the customers conduct a clean-up exercise once they finish daily chores (Zarum 2000). However, some companies dropped this method, since it bothers the customers, hence creating a risk of losing them. Customer’s satisfaction must  be the main goal of all firms.

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