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Successful Time Management in Academic Life

Many students are usually challenged with how to properly manage time. Proper time management entails apposite planning, scheduling and organizing the time available for an individual in order to achieve set goals and objectives (Forsyth, 2010). In academic life, successful time management entails proper planning, scheduling, organizing and allocation of available time to various academic activities such as reading, conducting research studies, accomplishing homework, revising for examinations as well as involvement in extracurricular activities and recreational activities such as sports, drama, community services and school debates. Forsyth (2010) defines time management as the process by which individuals plan and knowingly or consciously control the amount of time they spent on various activities in order to ensure maximum utilization of the available time through increased effectiveness and efficiency.

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According to Felton and Sims (2009), proper time management is essential for every individual because it facilitates accomplishment of personal goals and objectives. It also helps in minimizing stress and pressure related unaccomplished tasks. Smith (2008) further asserts that people usually manage time in order to improve their productivity in various activities that they carry out. For example, students usually plan their time in order to ensure adequate allocation of time for academic activities to enable them excel academically. On the other hand, Hepworth (2011) states that successful time management for students usually involves three major activities; namely prior planning, setting of goals and adequate allocation of time to each activity which facilitates attainment of the set goals. Hepworth (2011) further affirms that controlling, analysis and scheduling of time are also major tools for successful time management. According to Edge and Roybal (2012), successful time management usually involves use of various tools, techniques and skills in controlling time to ensure effective, efficient and successful accomplishment of various activities.

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According to Hepworth (2011), students may deploy appropriate time management tips such as creation of good study habits, strict adherence to reading timetables, adequate prioritization of goals and objectives, proper planning and adequate focus on the future in order to become successful academically and to realize their career dreams. In addition, students should avoid procrastinations and strive at minimizing stress if they want to achieve more academically. Cage and Massey University (2008) state that being highly organized, ability to sufficiently plan ahead for the future, prioritization of tasks and flexibility are the major ingredients for successful time management in academic life. According to Cage and Massey University (2008), flexibility enables students to easily adapt to changes in the environment when unexpected occurrences crop up or arise. This enables students to achieve highly in their academic endeavors. In addition, successful time management in academic life also entails having a clear vision and mission for one’s future. Students should also develop positive attitudes towards academic life and know exactly what they want in their lives. Prioritization entails listing goals and objectives and activities for achieving the goals in order of their importance.

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Successful time management is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. Thus, it is important for all students or any other person who is involved in academic activities such as tutors and professors to develop and acquire effective time management skills. Unlike in high school where teachers often follow and instruct students each and every time, the learning environment in universities provides students with the sole responsibility of ensuring that they effectively manage time on their own. Thus, students must develop appropriate techniques and skills for managing time.

In my view, successful time management enables students to view various challenges that they face in their academic lives with optimism. For university students, successful time management is essential for both their academic life at the university as well as for future professional development. Successful time management also enables students to adequately cope with study-related stress. Last but not least, every student must effectively manage his or her time in order to create a suitable balance between academic and social life.

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