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Information Technology Project Management

Tonny prince and his team at the recreation and wellness intranet management project have a major task of planning and executing activities of thier organizations project within some given time frame. However, there are some very important events termed as milestones on a project that requires a lot of efforts in theproject management process which has no duration of completion, but they are helpful to the management in identifying other activities, developing goals and evaluation of the implementation progress.

The project management teams nornaly develop milestones in a SMART creteria, that is specific, mesaurable, assignable, realistic and within a given time frame, there are eight milestones within the project schedule that can be identified at the WBS and Ghantt charts of reacreation and wellness intranet project. One of the identified milestone is initiating, the project management stated some of the specific activities like forming a project team and developing a project charter, in the initiation process, it is easy to measure the outcome of these activities like the selection of a manager can be said to be successful or not, the specific duties can be assigned to a particular staffs of the project like selection of the manager can be done by Yussuf from the human resource, the stated activities like the selection of a manager is realistic to the project progress within a given time frame since the managerial position is key to the operation of the project.

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Subsiquently, planning is a continous activity which has no duration on the project management since it keeps on advancing as new activities are identified. Planning states specific events like creating a WBS which is also measurable as the result can be analyzed by Bonni a program analysts as the planning progress is assignable to him. All the current and future undertakings of an organization like creating a WBS is realistic since WBS offers the implementation guidelines asstructured in a time frame of which they are to be done.

Execution of the project activities like testing comes in the middle of the project progress that may have no duration. Executing an ivent is specific, measurable, asssignable, realistic and falls within a time frame as it states in specific what to be executed an example is trainig, and who is to be assigned with the responsiblity of training for example by Yussaf of human resourse. The outcome of training after a given time frame is measurable as the skills development and advancement can be observed which is realistic for the project management.

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Consiquently, controlling is a project milestone within the project timeline that is important in mainstreaming the oprerations of the project by correcting deviations and also important in identifying new activities that ought to be done to ensure consistency, controlling is done against measurable realistic standards of outcome expected to be achieved within a given time span. controlling activity is a responsiblity assigned to the project manager like Tonny.

Clossing is an important milestone that may include signing off of some important materials and documents such as completed records on specific projects like created WBS and completed statement plans, closing is an event that focuses on the outcome since the project activities like a realistic WBS and statements plans are measurable and must be asignable to specialists like Patrick and Bonnies, network specialist and program analysts respectively to monitor their oucome after a given time span.

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Concurently, designing is another milestone on a project that involve laying down specific activities, resources needed and the procedures of undertaking their progress. A realistic desigh state activities that relates to the WBS. Various activities are designed that each distinct activity is asignable to different portfolios like the management is assigned to the manager, while recruitments and trainings to the human resource, subsiquently, all activities are assigned in a way that the project progress is measured against some standards within a given given time frame.

Documentation is a very neccessary activity on the project management which comes in the middle of the project progress which has no duration. Either before the project takeoff or after the project completion a writen communication is important stating specific activities to be undertaken or those that have been completed is produced. The document indicates how the tasks were assigned, and how the assessment was done in a measurable manner in a given time span. The documentation will identify the realistic activities that were successful .

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Lastly, implementation is a milestone on a project that involves the final execution of the laid policies, implementations plans are specific as it explains exactly what is to be done, it is also assignable as it indicates who is to undertake a given task. Any good implementation plans should state the parameters against which the success is measured. Different tasks are implemented at different stages and time intervals as stated by the WBS of the recreation and wellness project. Achieving a success in a project implementation requires that all the implementations plans are realistic to curb divertions

Recreation and wellness intranet is a project which involves different people belonging to different departments like the, manager, the programmer analysts, financial analyst, the human resource and network specialist. A ghantt chart is required to help in the planning of a management chart.Determining the eight milestones will also enable the recreation and wellness project to identify other activities that needs to be completed, determine a time frame for each task, designing critical paths for the activities to forster the success, lastly a ghantt chart will enable Tonny and his team in resource allocations according to the needs and task assigned to each department.

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