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The Management Team of Hotel Escargo

Evaluation Report

This evaluation report has been prepared for the management team of Hotel Escargo. The report is based on observations and critical analysis of services provided by Hotel Escargo.


A critical analysis of services provided by Hotel Escargo reveals that the hotel does not offer high quality services that adequately meet the expectations of customers. In my view, Hotel Escargo has failed to draw adequate focus towards its customers. Most customers complained of few waiters and reluctance of workers to assist them whenever need arises. Moreover, Hotel Escargo does not have an appropriate leadership structure that would shore up and aid provision of quality services.


Poor service delivery at Hotel Escargo is evidenced by massive decline in customers in the recent past. In my opinion, this implies that the customers are not satisfied with services that they receive at the hotel, thus opt to seek such services elsewhere.

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On the other hand, poor leadership at Hotel Escargo is evidenced by unwillingness of the top management to involve junior employees in decision-making processes within the organization. For example, chefs are neither consulted nor involved when the hotel puts orders for supply of foodstuffs. In addition, Hotel Escargo does not have suitable leadership that can facilitate employee involvement in the management of affairs of the hotel.

Factors that override Quality at Hotel Escargo

In my opinion, the major factors that override quality at Hotel Escargo are need to reduce operational costs and bureaucratic leadership style by the top management. The hotel believes that it can reduce operational costs by employing fewer workers. However, this has negatively affected the quality of its services. On the other hand, the organizational structure of the company is bureaucratic, hence minimizes interactions between top management and junior employees.

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Initial Recommendations prior to use of Quality Tools at Hotel Escargo

Some of my initial recommendations to Hotel Escargo prior to adoption and use of quality management tools at the organization include emphasis on employment of more workers who are well-trained and highly committed to their work and training of current employees to equip them with appropriate customer-relations skills. As asserted by Vertiprah (2007) and King and Cichy (2011), good customer-relations skills are very important in service quality management in the hospitality industry. All employees should also be trained on application and usage of quality management tools such Pareto chart, Scatter diagram and Six Sigma model.

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Before using quality management tools, Hotel Escargo should collect data on service delivery at the organization and draw a clear checklist to determine the causes and sources of variations in service quality. This would help in identifying challenges faced by the organization. For instance, the hotel may construct a Cause-and Effect diagram to assist in identifying challenges faced by the organization before formulating solutions to the problems. Moreover, Hotel Escargo should plan adequately on how to use quality management tools in improving its services. This also entails pre-selection of suitable quality tools.

How Quality Management can make Hotel Escargo more Successful

Quality management can make Hotel Escargo more successful by increasing organizational focus towards customers by promising customer satisfaction, removal of barriers between top management and employees caused by bureaucracy, facilitation of communication amongst employees and customers and integration of processes at the hotel. From my part, increased focus on customers and good communication would facilitate flow of information between customers and the organization as well as within the organization. According to Tofanelli (2012), good communication is vital for exchange of ideas and information in all organizations. Moreover, adequate focus on customers results into healthy relationships between customers and the organization (Martin, 2012; Kersten & Koch, 2010, Cook, 2009). Consequently, a pool of loyal customers is created.

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Recommendations for Improvement

I would recommend Hotel Escargo to employ more workers with proper training on hospitality and customer relations. The leadership of the hotel should also incorporate employees in its decision-making processes. Hotel Escargo should also reward employees appropriately in order to motivate them to work harder and provide better services. Similarly, Hotel Escargo may provide timely communications to customers in order to reduce misunderstandings amongst customers.

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