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Inviting a Key Manager


Sports are very important to our bodies. This is because they are a good way of exercises thus helping us to keep fit. All the same, some people consider going to the field or visiting gyms as a waste of time and resources. This is very not true since for one to achieve good things, he has to work hard. Due to this erroneous believe, most people have found themselves suffering from chronic diseases like heart related diseases and diabetes thus ending up dying at an early age. Others have become overweight to the extent of being termed as obese. This state has resulted to making most of them to miss out in most activities. For example, an obese child will feel discriminated upon since when his friends are playing, he will not manage to cope with their pace thus he will automatically have to sit back and watch others have fun.

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This has been the same case in the country, it has been noted that in most universities games activities have been given the least concern either by the students or by the institution management. The students do not also bother to visit any gym centre for exercise either. As a result, the students have acquired a very bad condition in their lives either of always falling sick, being unfit and most of them these entire student end up being obese and their body shapes acquire a deformed figure. According to various researches perform, the results showed that in most of the  games competitions held in the universities,  the number of youths involved was very low compared to the number of old men and women who  participated and are in those universities. The research also indicated that some of the institutions highly contribute to having their students missing in physical activities. This was because, the size of the fields designed for the students was less compared to the high population number in those universities. The sports grounds were also given a smaller portion and financial support compared to other facilities.   The government has for this reason decided to select a team of experts to the related topic and have them sent to these universities so as to help acknowledge them on the importances of being physically fit. The government also wishes to encourage the university students to get involved in the Olympic Games so as to gain tactics and experience for lesser competitions as well as for the welfare of their bodies. The guest speaker will be expected to speak about the need to create time and space for sports activities in the schools learning curriculum and compound respectively. He will also help the school administration by challenging them on the need to have a stadium or rather a big field built in their institutions. This will help the school at large to understand that once a huge field is created, most of the schools will prefer having their competitions in these grounds. The fields will highly help the school to earn some extra cash. 

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Main aims and objectives

This project plan reflects a crucial step that the University of B will have taken by inviting a key manager who was involved in the building ofLondon 2012 Olympics Stadium. This is due to the fact this manager is well equipped with all the information regarding the reasons behind the building of such a sport centre as well as the benefits that are realised after the development of the Stadium.   

The main aim of the project plan is to educate student in B University on the importance of taking part in sports. The project plan will also take into consideration the benefits that a country or an institution may gain through building a sports stadium.

Expected Benefits

The key manager of theLondon 2012 Olympics Stadium will be in a position to educate every student on the importance of taking part in the sports. Students will therefore learn every reason as to why they should take spare some of their precious time to take part in sports. They will realise that lack of participation in games has been the main factor contributing to their unhealthy weak and flabby muscles. They will understand that without sports, peoples’ hearts do no function efficiently. There is no doubt that taking part in various types of sport will be the foundation of their admirable and good health. They will know that ignorance of taking part in games is of much risk as smoking and would make their joints stiff thus being prone to minor injuries.

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Sport in the university will be the only practice that will lead to excellent performances in various areas in the university. This is because from moment a person is born, his or her body is meant to move. In fact, the body craves exercise. This is because when a person participates in sports, he or she reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases. Moreover, it improves the appearance of an individual thus delaying the aging process.

The key manager of the London 2012 Olympics Stadium will narrate how the body uses energy in order to keep going. Sports will allow aerobic exercise that involves rhythmic and continues physical motion such as running. This stamina will be achieved through the training of the body that makes it more efficient to be in a position to be using less energy for same work performed. As a person continuous to involve himself in sports, the conditioning level advances the heart rate as well as the breathing rate return to the levels of resting much from the activities that are strenuous.  

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The key manager will explain how sports tones and strengthens people. Taking exercises that includes weight lifting and other training styles that involve resistance develops an individual’s ligaments, muscle and bones for increased endurance and strength. This improves the posture since the muscles become more toned and firm. This improves the look and just the feeling.

The manager will also make it clear that taking part in sports enhances flexibility. The stretching exercises are very vital for a good posture. Continuous participation in sports keeps a person’s body limber thus easing the action of bending, reaching as well as twisting. It will also improve flexibility thus reducing the chance of injury improving coordination and balance. If one is suffering from tense, stiff areas like the neck or the upper back, participating in sports allows one to stretch thus loosening the muscles, assisting a person to feel more relaxed.

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Generally, the key manager of theLondon 2012 Olympics Stadium will urge students in the university to fully participate in sports since they improve the quality of life. This is due to the fact that once a person begins to exercise regularly; one realizes the many reasons as to why taking part in sports is crucial in improving the quality of a person’s life. The exercise during sports lifts moods, reduces stress and assists people in sleeping in a better. It definitely keeps a person feeling and looking younger throughout a person’s entire life.   

Net Benefits

The key manager of theLondon 2012 Olympics Stadium will also present the benefits that are observed through the building of a sport stadium. One of the main net benefits is the improvement of transport network. For the transportation of thousands of officials, spectators, media and athletes to the games there need to be a good transport system. This will allow efficient transportation of people and materials that will be used in the stadium.

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The manager of theLondon 2012 Olympics Stadium will also make it clear that the building of a stadium will lead to tourist attraction. Due to the state of increase in the profile of an institution that may be involved during sports duration, the whole of Bedfordshire University will likely see an increase in tourism. The net benefit gained will be used by the university to offset any loss that may be incurred during the building of the stadium or during the sports time (McKeever, 2008). The revenue gained from the tourist will also uplift the economic status of the Bedfordshire University.

At the same time, the manager will assure that through the building of the stadium, employment will be created. There are those that were get manual work of the physical construction of the stadium. There are others that will be involved in cost calculations. Others will be found in the architectural side of the projects as others will be involved in the calculations of the whole budget.    

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Potential Risks and Constraints

The risk assessment template will ensure that in case of any of the below risks occur the team will have a remedy to that. The success of this project will be determined by the voluntary will from the students to attend so as to learn more from the speaker. The student might lack to avail themselves thus having no point of holding the meeting. The team might fail to meet the estimated project schedule. For this reason the team manager will be expected o ensure that the project plan and timeline are considered to avoid having to rush in the last minute (Kerzner, 2001). The project manager should ensure that all the items that are needed to be received from the chosen merchants are received on time to avoid having a problem of receiving low quality items that will bring shame to the school at the end of the day. The budget could also an underestimate. This is because; the commodity prices might go up by October. For example the fifty pounds allocated for catering services might end up being less.

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Issue management

In case there will be any issue that will  need to be changed or any issue that will arise, the team members will be expected to represent it to the project manager who will be expected to either handle the matter or present it to the  steering committee. For an effective and healthy communication plan, the team members will be required to meet and discuss their way forward .where by all the team members will be free to offer their opinions in relation to the matter at hand.

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