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Project management Software

It is evident that Project management software is and has been an essential tool for different organizations. The performance of a certain task is fairly easy when done through such a tool as compared to a database or a spreadsheet. Currently, the needs of organizations in projects are highly increasing and as this happens, it has lead to the development of such tools that will get the job done.

Project management software is one that is database-oriented and allows different types of specific reporting across several projects. Such a compounded data system helps in getting data from various kinds of projects. On the other hand, this is simply not possible when using a spreadsheet at a similar level. The best a spreadsheet is likely to do is tying the spreadsheets together which is not similar to what happens when project management software is used. The second function is that of a centralized access. This means enabling access by many people from several locations. A project management software, and to a greater extent online software for project management, are able to connect multiple people and from various locations and thus the ease of sharing information. On its part, spreadsheets design does not give room for use from different multiple locations by multiple people.

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Project management software enables organizations to plan and properly manage their projects on an activity level. Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is an example of such tools as project management software which assists in solving some of the arising problems during the project management. A creation of Microsoft project 2007, helps in project management by enabling users manage various aspects of all project management awareness spots. Due to its performance, it has become an apparent market leader as compared with other project management software existing in the market.

Among the features of project management software, Microsoft project 2007 includes; better management and understanding of project schedules. This will enable proper use of time allocated to that particular project. Secondly, is setting more sensible expectations with management, project teams, customers, as well as other stakeholders. In a project, expectations need to be fairly managed to avoid over or under expectations. Thirdly, it will help organize the projects resources, finances as well as human resource. This ensures the risk of loss due to mismanagement is adequately reduced. Another important feature is keeping the stakeholders of the project informed as you can control your project work, finances, and schedule and communicating project data. The management team is always kept informed and therefore can make profound judgment on the future of the project. Again, the software will improve project cost and time estimation. It will be easier to allocate funds to the project as well as get to know the amount of time that the project could possibly spend.

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Another tool that could possibly be used is an open source web-based tool or project management software known as dotProject. The software has been widely used around the world by among others construction companies, start ups, colleges, large organizations and so on. To a more comprehensive area would provide hosting extensions and support as well. The dotProject, as a unique project management software has got the following characteristics. To begin with, the software is easy to use and has a clear-cut user interface. This means that it can easily be understood by the user as well as used to the convenience of the user. Again, it is gives user permissions and proper security management. That is, it can only be accessed by the people who have got the pass word. Furthermore, different individuals have different rights to the access level they can have to the operations of the software. Moreover it will assist in other activities such as creation of target budgets, knowing planed and actual timed used, creation of Work Breakdown Structure enabling task dependency, graphic display, and project planning, control and management.

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Such integrated project management software, are specialized for a responsive software development tools. A dotProject delivers functionality necessary to give complex software tasks a successful completion. This is highly not the case in reference to the Microsoft software project 2007. However Microsoft project 2007 is relatively cheaper and cost effective as compared to dotproject. Another difference is that for project management software there is integrated software.

Before choosing management software, an organization needs to understand the available features in the said software. Such features include; capability, user interface, reasonable cost, flexibility. In case the features are likely to fulfill the organizational goals, then it should be considered.

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