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Is Living in Small Towns better than Living in Big Towns

Current statistics from the last census conducted in the Unites States indicate that a big number of the citizens are currently living in the urban and big cities, (Schuman, H. and Scott, 2009, p340). However, further research shows that many people, if given a choice, would live in small towns.

Facts about small towns and big cities



It is estimated that by 2050 over 6 billion people will be living in big cities, (Schuman & Scott, 2009, p340).

Small towns have a small population and are sparsely populated, (Schuman & Scott, 2009, p340).

Crime is prevalent in big cities due to the large population, (Kanell & Michael, 16 November 2009).

Geographical distribution in small towns makes it easy to survey and locate crime, (Kanell & Michael, 16 November 2009).

Out of a population of 314,774,000, eighty two percent reside in urban areas, (Spencer, 2 May 2010).

Only twelve percent of Americans live in small towns, (Spencer, 2 May 2010).

There is lack of social integration in urban areas. (Kanell & Michael,16 November 2009).

Small towns afford a better platform for social integration, (Spencer, 2 May 2010).

There is a lot of pollution in big towns, (Kanell &Michael, 16 November 2009).

Small towns offer clean and serene environments that favor good health, (Spencer, 2 May 2010).

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Small towns are generally sparsely populated, (Pearlson & Saunders, 2009, p 80). With this kind of population, available social amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks and community libraries are not strained as is the case with big cities.

Secondly, majority of crime committed in large cites is largely due to the incapacity of the security department to survey the whole population. However, the geographical distribution in small towns makes it easy to survey and locate crime, (Spencer, 2 May 2010).

Another major attraction to small towns is the clean and serene environmental conditions. Most large cities are characterized by endless fleets of motor vehicles which emit hazardous fumes. (Kanell &Michael, 16 November 2009). This is unlike small towns where the traffic is less. Noise, air and land pollution is also minimal in small towns.

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Finally, smaller towns afford a better platform for social integration as compared to large cities, (Schuman & Scott, 2009, p340). People in small towns stand a chance of socializing at a personal level. This is unlike in big cities where life is more personal than social. The increase in technology has further alienated people in big cities from each other.

There are many explanations about the gradual rural-urban migration. However, there is one fundamental fact about urban population that has changed the way people view urbane settlements, (Schuman & Scott, 2009, p340). More and more people are getting health conscious and are choosing to live quiet and serene lives in small towns.

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With lifestyle diseases claiming more and more lives every day, the American population has become health conscious. American citizens are now aware of the changes that they need to make in their lifestyles. Clean and fresh air is only found in the country side or in small towns. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also accessible and affordable in small towns. This contributes to increase in the number of Americans moving to small towns, (Schuman & Scott, 2009, p340).

The debate of big city versus small cities continues all over the globe. Statistics show that although the population in big towns is high, more and more citizens are reconsidering living in big cities like New York. Americans are slowly moving to the smaller and more rural towns.

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