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Negative Leadership Behavior

Effective leadership is the determining factor for success in management, as well as in all spheres of influence. Many researchers have raised a question about the role, abilities and duties of a successful leader. In practice, the emphasis should be put on the leadership style together with the behavior and the organizational processes.

Leadership is defined as the social influence process, through which an individual supports others in order to accomplish the required goals. The effectiveness of a team is usually enhanced by the presence of the leader who keeps the members motivated in the process of achieving their goals. Any team will not achieve its objectives in a case of poor leadership. However, it does not mean that the suggestions made by teammates are useless. As a result, the leader must always accept constructive ideas of other team members.

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The experience of negative leadership behavior could be found in the past. It is connected with the authoritarian leadership style that was used in order to manage the organization. People were supposed to follow the leader’s decisions without any questions. The only way to achieve success was considered to be done through the direct supervision. The leader believed that the constant control was the only way to get something made. In return, the subordinates suffered from the consequences of such behavior. The punishment for mistakes was severe, but the responsibility for mistakes was not taken by the leader. Thus, the leadership challenges started immediately.

It was observed that the employees became rebellious and less motivated than before. Too close supervision and noninvolvement in the decision-making were the main reasons of those changes. Moreover, the quality of the work decreased, but its quantity increased significantly. As a result, the mood of the staff decreased gradually. Therefore, the company could not grow and achieve success and prosperity business.

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There are definite barriers to the effective operation: physical, emotional and interpersonal. Firstly, there are physical barriers, such as marked boundaries, closed office doors and screen separating persons of different status. Afterwards, emotional barriers appear. They are seriously prejudiced by fears, mistrust and suspicion. As the leader distances from others, interpersonal barriers also arise.

Workplace policy was the greatest barrier to active decision-making communication. The lack of communication created misunderstandings and problems at the workplace, because the employees felt ignored. Conflicts, poor morale and a negative working environment were the harmful consequences of negative leadership behavior. The situation became stressing.

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Nevertheless, the leadership behavior at that time was unique and unforgettable experience. The leadership experience led to its analysis and lessons-making for the future. Truly leadership predisposes people to work willingly and enthusiastically for their objectives. People can learn to become the successful leaders by improving their leadership skills and establishing wise policy.

Many studies have discussed the values, spirituality, purpose and ideology as the driving forces of the organization. At the same time, leadership has been discussed as the most influential factor of the organization’s vision (Kottler & Englar-Carlson, 2010).

The leader is a behavior model that guides the followers through the beliefs, behavior, words and actions. He/she must take a personal risk in order to attain the targets of the firm. Furthermore, leaders should have traits that can influence the actions of other people. Obviously, effective management depends only on the successful leadership.

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The leader must choose certain tactic and style according to the organization’s life cycle, the individualities of people-led and own frame of mind, the principal goals and the importance of time. It is suggested to follow the democratic leadership style that involves all employees in the decision-making and practices their praise in the case of success. Though, the effective executive must not forget to set the example for his subordinates, as well as the objectives and a sense of direction. The democratic leadership style allows asking people for advice and encouraging individual thinking. The democratic leader does not give orders. He suggests, directs and requests. Hence, people know that their leader supports them (Yang, 2008).

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The leader should be able not only to face complications, but also to cope with them. The following values are collaboration, competency and creativity. It is possible to be the successful leader only in the case of collaboration with other participants of the working team. He/she needs to communicate efficiently with his/her subordinates. People in the business environment ought to develop a communication network. Otherwise, the employees will not achieve a good result in their work.

Consequently, the leader should choose right words and be extremely careful about the speech. His/her views must be expressed in a positive way that keeps the mind in the right state of balance and help find solutions to the problems. Shouts and quarrels lead to the way out and make the situation even worse. He/she also must listen to the recommendations and complaints of others and act on them. The way of communication determines the culture and behavior established in the workplace. Besides, it can motivate, inspire employees and, as an effect, reduce the misunderstandings, conflicts and problems in the organization (Souba, 2009).

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Great leaders always develop their acquired skills and get new ones in order to become better managers. Skilled leaders must be attentive to the environmental trends and changes. They are ethical, as the healthy moral climate is extremely valuable for the future growth. Self-awareness, mindfulness, courage and the ability to see the full pictures are defined to be the principal characteristics of positive leadership behavior. It includes the ability to set the alternatives and create the reasonable tension between the past ideas by generating a new one. Leaders have integrative thinking, which is a distinctive characteristic of the successful business.

There are no leadership traits effective in all situations, as well as such leadership style that always works best. The general recommendations for leaders are the flexibility, the sensitivity to the needs of others, strong communication network and decisions according to the circumstances. Passion and determination to see results are the key requirements to get the extraordinary things in leadership. Therewith, skilled leader makes his personnel feel appreciated and respected, provides stimulation and opportunities for employees to develop, both personally and professionally (Visagie, Linde & Havenga, 2011).

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Constant self-perfection is a necessary condition, because leadership begins with oneself. Thus, the leader should improve his/her skills and inspire people around to become better. Successful leadership requires an individual to be task-oriented and able to communicate, understand and motivate people. Managers exercise leadership through planning, organizing and controlling, but leading oneself remains the biggest responsibility. It should be placed above leading the organization and subordinates. That is why, the true leader knows that he/she must work on improving himself rather than try to improve others. In addition, the leader allows others to do something that they can do better than he/she and welcomes criticisms, since it helps highlight the areas of growth.

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In conclusion, the leader determines the organization’s success and future growth, its effectiveness and productivity. Positive leadership behavior helps transmit values to the employees, motivate and inspire them, establish the direction and contribute to conflict management. It also plays a vital role in the time of crises binding the staff together. Negative leadership behavior destructively impacts the business and reduces productivity, while the wise direction seriously improves the chances for the business success and the company performance, in general.

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