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Job Policies in America

Nowadays, it is obvious that the contemporary style of life of American citizens makes the government of the United States implement those kinds of health and job policies which not only meet the minimum needs of American people but also enable citizens to utilize the available programs under this objective. Taking into account the fact that the majority of job policies designed by American government were necessary for the improvement of the people life standards, it is noteworthy to highlight the most successful of them.

First of all, the government tries to do its best in making the American citizens more prosperous. “The $8 minimum wage is a long overdue companion to the 8-hour day. It will end poverty for millions of workers and their families” (Sklar, Mykyta, Vefald 2008). It is evident that if a person earns more, he/she affords more; in addition, the expansion of the earned income tax credit (EIC) prevented an abundance of citizens from poverty. The EIC is denoted to be not a substitute to the minimum wage of an employee but a supplement to it. The main purpose of the $8 minimum wage is to assure that every American adult is provided an opportunity to meet the budget which includes his/her minimum needs. The worker is required to pay not much for a fair work.”The EIC should fill the gap between the $8 minimum wage and the minimum needs budgets for all workers and their families” (Sklar, Mykyta, Vefald 2008).

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Moreover, the job training policy is quite significant for the employees and jobseekers as “job training involves teaching someone the skills required to do a job competently” (O'Leary, Straits, Wandnerutilizing 2004). Utilizing one of such programs, citizens have a chance to apply for a well-paid job. As a rule, these problems include occupational skill training, customized training, vouchers, on-the-job trainings, post employment trainings, and others.

Furthermore, the maternity job policy played an integral role in guaranteeing women better job opportunities. In spite of the fact that American social programs were aimed to support a mother as much as it was possible, little attention was paid to adequate maternity job policies. The crucial problem comprised the fact that any woman faced the problem of additional expenses on growing a child whereas the leave of a pregnant woman her job remained unpaid. Nowadays, the situation is better because of the job policy of the U.S.A., which encourages employers to hire women. In the United States, from 30 to 45 percent of engineers are women. New mothers are guaranteed a fully-paid disability; it is short-term and, in most cases, lasts during six weeks. Moreover, there are two additional half-pay weeks, and a mother can take up to 14 weeks. The program includes a job leave which is fully-paid beyond the 12 federally mandated weeks guaranteed by the directors of some American companies.

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On my opinion, the tendency of improving the job opportunities for the workers is much stimulated by the job policies initiated by American government. To begin with, the policy of controlling the minimum wage of adults and the expansion of the EIC assures the better purchase opportunities for the citizens. It is evident that no job program can be implemented without its previous considerations; at first, the policy is experimented, and only then, in case of its success, the policy can be provided to the citizens. Job-training policy is of considerable significance, as well. There is no doubt that only improving the professional skills of the employees can make the job conditions better and to increase the income of the workers; a well-qualified professional is known to have a chance to apply for an admirable job position.

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In conclusion, it is necessary to notify that except the policies mentioned above, the maternity job one is a fundamental issue, as well, as it enables a woman to be a successful professional and a devoted mother.

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