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Managerial Roles in Project Management

Coordination is a managerial function that involves organizing various organization resources such as human resources, financial resources and other resources with an aim to achieve the organizational goals in the most efficient and effective manner. It involves aligning the organizational resources and organizational objectives.

Authorizing refers to powers that a manager has at his disposal to give orders to his subordinates to undertake various activities in an organization. These powers emanates from his or her position as defined by the rules and regulation governing the company and / or the job description and specification.

Supervising roles involves ensuring and overseeing that the subordinates undertakes the tasks, roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them in their job descriptions and those that they may be allocated to them in the course of their stay in the organization.

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Project management is an activity that involves a lot of team work. Members of the team narrow and concentrate their efforts on the project because normally a project is carried out over a defined period of time with much success expected. Project management thus requires skilled management that will provide sufficient managerial competencies for the better performance of the project. Of the above managerial functions coordination is the most vital and requires significant degree of control since a project manager has to rally all organizational resources towards achieving the success of the project. The prudence management of resources attracts the difference between the successful businesses and the dismally performing firms in the world of business.

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The morale of workers and customer satisfaction are vital for the growth and survival of a business or project. A customer gives a business a charter to exist whereas team coherence determines the success of a project. In formulating new grading system for higher education, working for a candidate and when preparing payroll for a company these activities needs much inputs of the project members hence the motivation of members is of absolute necessity. This can be achieved through monetary rewards in extra hours worked. They should also be taken out for team buildings over the weekends so that they perceive the management as caring for their welfare. They should also be allowed to have a say in the project development by allowing them to air their view on how to manage the project. Customer satisfaction emanates from high quality goods/services of the project. It also involves better handling of the customers since they are vital stakeholders in the growth and survival of the business.

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Coordination is very crucial managerial role that should be practiced with expertise and high competence since it involves managing resources and for the project to be successful all resources must be mobilized well for the success of the project and business activities in general.

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