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Project Testing Phase

Project testing phase is very important part of the project development process. One of the crucial parts of the organization of testing process is correct allocation of the responsibilities among the members of the project group. In order to make the process as effective and smooth as possible the project manager needs to take into account personal qualities of the group members and assign them responsibilities accordingly.

The major roles in this part of project development are: Project Test Lead who oversees and supervises the testing process; Testing Manager conducting quality assuranc? t?sting and ?x?cuting on th? t?st plan; Test Designer who outlines the testing process; Test Approver –responsible evaluating and approving the test design proposed by Test Designer; Tester who is executing the testing operations and reports the results; Reviewer is the one who reviews the reports provided by the Tester.

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When project development group is small it is logical to allocate several roles to one person though there are some roles that cannot be fulfilled by the one and the same individual (e.g. one and the same person cannot be Tester and Reviewer at the same time – this would make the testing and reviewing process less objective). It is quite logical to assign the duties of Testing Lead to the project leader who is inclined to take the responsibility for all stages of project development. At the same time Testing Manager can be a different person. This role requires fast and precise commenting therefore extrovert member of the team would complete this task better. Test Designer can be an introvert member of the team because it requires concentration and doesn’t involve much of communication with other team members. The role of Test Approver can be easily fulfilled by Test Lead. The role of Tester is better to allocate to an extrovert member of the team who is able to report his opinions, feelings, emotions, and attitudes. While Reviewer can be an introvert person and through this task he or she will be able to exercise his/her analytical skills without exposing any emotions.

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