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Time Management

Time is the thing all people have in common, and the way people use it determines their success. Time management is the process of arranging time wisely and efficiently. It is aimed at increasing productivity and quality of the work performed. The problem of managing time is a burning issue for most working people, since very often employers are prone to stress at work because of the disability to fulfill the set goals on time and to follow deadlines. Without a doubt, effective time management is the guarantee of success both at work and home. When a person learns how to organize time properly, he/she is less likely to be susceptible to stress and failures. Moreover, effective time management will enable to fulfill a greater number of tasks each day and have free time to devote to personal life. There exists a variety of tools, strategies, techniques and other activities aimed at achieving success in time management. Among the best ways that will bring success in time management, people distinguish the following: struggle with procrastination, making schedules, making every minute count, being realistic and devoting time to rest.

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The pivotal aspect in organizing time and being able to fulfill all the required tasks efficiently is learning how to cope with procrastination. People have an inclination to postpone work for the next day. They simply do nothing but plan and feel pressed by a burden of that unfulfilled task. Unless people refuse procrastination, they will not be able to complete the necessary assignments on time, and their job will be less productive. Combating procrastination will teach how to live stress-reduced life. People feel stressful and worried as long as they postpone some tasks for the future. They are constantly thinking about some kind of job that needs to be done in the near future. Procrastination poses a risk of psychological tension, which may negatively reflect on a person’s well-being. Nevertheless, the problem of procrastination is acute, since there are no obvious ways of tackling it. Everything depends on a person’s willpower and motivation.

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The second aspect in time management that deserves attention is learning to schedule and make ‘to do’ lists. This method is considered to be one of the most effective. When a person is keeping a diary or simply a list of the assignments necessary to fulfill, he/she is more likely to achieve success, since it keeps reminding of the planned tasks. The key to create a helpful ‘to do’ list is to prioritize the tasks and put them in the order from the most important to the least important. Thus, people will control the situation and divide your time wisely. By keeping a ‘to do’ list one can surely meet deadlines and devote time to urgent matters. It is advisable to divide a ‘to do’ list into sections, for example, burning tasks, projects with a deadline, tasks ‘whenever I have time to get round to them’ etc.

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Thirdly, one should learn how to make every minute important. For instance, unite some tasks or perform some tasks at the same time. If a person is commuting to work, and it takes quite a long time, he/she should use it wisely. One may read a book, finish some project or even make some plans for the day. Whenever a person has free time at workplace, one may check emails or simply arrange some documents. If a person gets used to such a technique of time management, shortly after that one will notice that it is getting easier to do better quality work and meet deadlines.

Another strategy of time management is being realistic. It means treating the amount of tasks reasonably and not taking more than a person can manage to accomplish. Being realistic does not necessarily mean over- or underestimating people’s abilities and the amount of time. On the contrary, it means accomplishing high-quality tasks and not exhausting yourself. It is better to divide large tasks into smaller ones. People will be less stressed and nervous about time of performing tasks, if they do them by small portions every day rather than postponing everything for one day.

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Finally, an inseparable part of the strategies of time management, which helps to achieve high productivity and success, is the ability to balance between work and rest. It is vitally important to take breaks and sleep well regardless of the amount of work a person is supposed to do. Not any person will be able to think clearly and act productively if he/she is tired and sleepy. In order not to lose concentration and constantly keep your eye on the ball, it is pivotal to get enough sleep, have a healthy diet and take breaks at work. When a person restores his/her energy and relaxes, he/she can better organize time. In this case, a person has a clear mind and is usually focused and attentive. This is very important since mind dispersion can lead to negative results and failures at work. Too much stress and exhaustion can derail one’s attempts at getting organized.

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Scholars research the notion of time management considering it as a significant issue of people’s routine life. It is an additional technology that helps to achieve all set goals. Time management is characterized by the processes of analysis, modeling, planning, realization and control. It gives people an opportunity to perform work of high quality in time.

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