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Organizational Behavior


It is an established fact that Organizational Strategy serves as a leading discourse for decision-making in and around businesses and other organizations. Most of the time, Manager prefer to take advantage of strategic planning’ processes. The history of organizational discourse leads back to ancient business strategy. In modern times however, we have seen this behavior in development only for the last few decades as it has been linked with revolutionary ideals of neo-liberal origin, also seen is the progress of Modern Corporation coupled with and science of management that has slowly but gradually dominated the world of businesses as well as other organizations. (Burton, 1999)

In more than one ways, it is observed to be providing the resources to explore legitimacy of particular organizational discourses and other related organizational actions. From the point of view of a Manager, several new types of opportunities can be manufactured for the sake of organizational long term planning. One drawback which is well known now is that this kind of discourse implementation can cause the issue of inequality along with other problems which unfortunately most of the times go un-noticed.

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Those organizations that have a support for simultaneous business units are in a need to consistently grab a stronger management all over the board and must be able to direct their organizations as just how they have to gather the required information and also generate their respective business processes and create a communication towards their employee compensation strategy.

It must be noted that if any of the above mentioned key factors to implement such a system are not in place or in a need to be rectified, such an employee benefit planning solution will not be able to acquire its objectives and as a result will become more of a burden than an asset. The main objective must remain n focus that the purpose of such a plan is to motivate employees to such an extent that they are prepared to do anything for the sake of their organization.

It seems rather strange that the field of Organizational Discourse is not an openly debated topic but there is a likelihood that this will change in the near future as in many cases we have witnessed that this primitive trend is being replaced by the opposite. Studies are emerging that involves crucial perspectives along with specifically designed practices and discourses which form an integral part of new strategy development and eventually become a vital part of organizational strategy that helps an organization to implement on the mark.

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Kassel and Presser (2002) after immense dedication to the field of discourse came up with a tool as an addition to the negotiations decisive mechanisms. The true tweaking over determinant mechanisms reflects a choice of a set of actions for an informed party to choose from. The main theme in this scenario is that here is between an implementation of expected discoursing action functions that are deemed to be ever more important for the eventual decision maker must be analyzed with great caution.

In such situations, it becomes evident that company’s global trade activity is in a similar case, most of the times resolved in favor of using mechanisms which require minimum possible hazards from every single step from manufacturing to delivery to consumers which is in this case the deterministic procedure. Although this is not a usual criterion it occurs more often than not.

Let us see another example; although in the revenue related scenario, mostly the revenue factor is highlighted by the utility of the lowest type and the portion, this is where the welfare factor from an inducement compatible mechanism is becomes absolutely resolute but only through the utility of the lowest type.  A skillful discoursing team possess the ability formulate a primary list of the most crucial issues from which they can prepare their questionnaires to aid in the eventual bargain process.

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For a better analysis, the concerned party must also review the accusations filed during the term of the previous contract in order to gain any weaknesses by the party just to keep informed regarding any previous mishap that might see a resolution during the ongoing discourse progress.  As soon as the contract is examined, the party that surveyed the membership and reviewed its concerns comes in a position as to put forward its contractual demands. Such as if they have a retirement or a pension issue for the debate, to make a solid case for this issue they will have to obtain a copy of the most recent actuarial valuation of the pension system. (Lewis, Stark, 2004)

In addition, it will also be necessary to obtain a costing for any alternatives suggested to the plan. Although this costing procedure is not necessarily required in the beginning of negotiations but eventually its need cannot be negated as it will needed at a later stage such as arbitration. Something to be noted here, before we discuss anymore about the negotiation tips, it should be considered that there are quite a few definitions that are required to complete the art of discourse. Among them, two are of extreme importance’s which are concerned with the process of negotiation that pertains to the target and reservation points. (Stark, 2005)

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Let us first analyze the Target value, also known as target point, denotes the absolute maximum or the optimum outcome that liked by any negotiator. Both of these phenomena must be resolute by the party before the commencement of negotiation process and should also be kept in mind by the negotiator throughout the whole discourse process. (Fulham, 2004)

We have seen some cases where the second factor i.e. the reservation value is not revealed while the discourse process was in progress simply because its disclosure might it force the negotiator opt for an agreement that is not preferred for their favored reservation point. As we discussed that more than one uneven powers the reservation and target points.

Although that radiologist might be searching for little more sub-specialization, therefore he can agree to a job with the same amount of call programs and but a little room for sub-specialization or he can be aiming to join a new job that has less burden of call even if the degree of sub-specialization remains the same. It should be noted that effective discourse needs a lot of preparation before moving ahead with the talks and even then this preparation includes a realistic sense of determination of a specific target and a reservation points.

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We have seen many formal negotiations training where they have candidature who list targets and points on a discourse developing document well before actual negotiation process goes ahead. Usually the involved discoursers in a multi issue discourse process ideally have to finalize their matters way before getting into the bargaining. Because it helps them make appropriate decisions the way they should be taken.

It also provide them an ample amount of time and to analyze each and every aspect of the negotiation process and sometimes by having a thorough analysis of the entire scenario, they are even able to dictate terms by holding a very firm grip on the proceedings.  These are small initial parts that may lead to a big eventual success and they should remain under consideration by every quality discourser. (Slayer, 2005)

A fundamental part of discourse is prioritization of issues which helps discoursers decide by deciding major points such as their strengths as well as weaknesses to assess the entire case as to where they have a risk of losing grip on the proceedings, also it allows them to remain mentally prepared mentally well before the commencement of discourse process.

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Another factor is the working relationship between negotiators in case of more than one negotiator such as for an organization can also be arranged through a uniform concession and prioritization of issues also aides into this process. They must however bear in mind that whenever possible, concessions from the opposing party should not be obtained by any unethical means such as through threat or intimidation simply because in an organizational discourse process, if this is practiced, the other party will automatically earn a right to offer a concession in a similar way that will not work well with you. Organizational discourses are a delicate process and must be undertaken with great care because a simple mishandling might occur in a huge mishap.

On the other hand they do adjust rather poorly in organizations that need to change. As a side note, compensations must only be based on the based performance and the size of job in hand that must be focused on more promotion and in future striving to get an even bigger job.The expectation is that advantage pay will show the way for a number of years and to a compensate level that replicates the exact performance.  

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Jerry Pfeiffer (2006) had the above mentioned scenario in mind when he published his work in the year 2006 after watching closely the IBM culture and the strives and testing they received to force this issue but for this he had to conduct many a studies along with surveys and interviews to conclude the fact that modern business competition has risen to such a level that marketers have to closely inspect of their organizational functionality. In order to achieve this, they have to achieve that, they must first initiate some organizational aspects in such a manner that their workforce should concentrate entirely on the job in hand. There must not remain a shadow of doubt about the success of their company in the market place and they must concentrate their energies in the right direction. All this cannot be achieved over night and it takes a lot of effort to ignite the fire of motivation in employee’s hearts.

This will only be extracted when the company management decides to make a great relationship with the workforce. They must make them feel so comfortable as if they are dealing not just with workers but their own family members. Just like we all work for the benefits of our very own families, similarly they must motivate employees to such an extent that they are able to handle virtually any challenge that lies in the way of their organization. This can be achieved as nothing in this world is impossible. But in order to achieve this, they will have to give additional benefits and rewards coupled with bonuses to their employees at regular intervals. Also what we discussed above was a factor that unfortunately even today is under use of many organizations, is the seniority factor where they encourage their employees on the basis of seniority rather than performance.

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No matter how much hard work a junior employee does, he will not get the same compensation as a senior employee only because he is senior and not because he did not produce the required performance that the organization demands from him. This is a very discouraging factor that only de moralizes employees because when a junior employee realizes the fact that whatever he does for the company, eventually it will go down the drain and his efforts for the company will still not be recognized the way he wanted to. (Pfeiffer, 2006)

The management must realized the fact that employee were only be motivated when a strategy which was based on an appropriate compensation that included bonuses as well as medical, conveyance and other facilities were provided. Because it was a case of “the more you add, the more you get” meaning that as much as you invest on your employees, the more whole hearted performance was given by them resulting what any organization looking for, success. Another interesting scenario is likely to occur that as a result of performance parameter shift from seniority towards performance, those who performed poorly will end up with low pay as per their performance hence will be motivated to work hard just like those who did and got the reward.











We have seen the transition of employee benefit programs that are a part of the IBM culture and have since brought many rewards to the company. It was only achieved once the employees were satisfied enough that their company will always take good care of them once they believe to work with honesty and endeavor for the sake of their company. This is why merit becomes an even more important factor in such an environment where there is a performance based criteria is regulated. The merit pay makes sure that all the employees get their right share of revenue and no one gets away with more compensation than what he has done though this will hardly have a major financial impact on an individual. What we have discussed in the report is the fact that modern organizational environment have a desperate need to change the same old decade long seniority based compensations based methods.

This is a reason why we are seeing an ever increasing amount of employees who are self motivated towards their careers and have a hunger in their attitude to work whole heartedly for their organization and give their best possible performance for the betterment of their organizations which will inevitably lead to their personal benefit. For such type of employees, all the organizations must have an appropriate plan to keep them on their optimum motivation level and how must they initiate that? To present them such a package that is able to satisfy their most of the needs in everyday life. From monetary to physical, this will encourage them to perform at the maximum level and they will do it with pleasure.

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The importance of prioritization during negotiations cannot be denied as it underscores the fact clear and simple that it may be possible by this process to extract a more feasible outcome by means of the introduction of multiple issues. These types of arrangements can satisfy both parties as a new associated for the pediatric radiology section can be appointed and the chief can be helpful in attaining prolong pediatric goals. (Lindsay, 2006)

In this paper we have discussed the forms and situations of organizational discourses and why exactly they become inevitable at times. Both in terms of individual as well as collective environments they are needed at some point to break the deadlock between two or even more parties involved. Examples were given to reflect these situations and what was achieved by proper discourses as all the parties involved extracted something eventually as a result.

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