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Personal Development Planning

Personal development involves a process of shaping, expanding, and improving knowledge, skills, and interests that one may have in order amplify effectiveness and abilities. According to Clegg and Bradley (2006, pp. 57-76), in order to achieve various goals and desired aspirations, one must structure himself or herself in a way that will enable him or her to accomplish all these things. Personal development is normally taken for granted; however, as De Boer confirms (2006, pp.4), the few who succeed in life are those who set up personal development plans.

A person who desires to engage in business management program is someone ready to be a business manager, administrator, or leader in the future. These positions require one to be at his or her best; it requires strength of character and iron will. It also requires a quick and innovative mind to assess situations and come up with quick solutions. Such a person also needs to have excellent communication skills in order to convince and assure those he or she will be leading, and to be able to win over clients, as well as potential business partners. These are just some of the requirements for any business management executive. In order to achieve these skills, individuals have to arrange their lives to develop, improve, and perfect their expertise. Without a personal development plan, failure to be perfect enough, effective, and efficient as a business management executive is possible. The following can help in drawing up a personal development plan.    

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Goals and Objectives

As confirmed by Gough et al. (2003), in order for a personal development plan to be set, a person must first outline the goals and objectives. With goals defined, a person is then able to design a personal development plan that will build, guide, and develop him to the point whereby he or she will achieve the stated goals and aspirations. Many people go wrong where goals and objectives are concerned because they embrace popular beliefs. Others take on options they are pressured to embrace. This usually ends in failure because one is never happy working towards goals that he or she does not personally prefer or value. Such people usually abandon such goals along the way and taking on others. In line with this, a key to consider when setting goals and objectives is life’s purpose. There is that purpose that one feels that one has to fulfill right from when one is young. Some say “the meaning of one’s life” or something one is born to do. This aspect of every person’s life cannot be shaken off or ignored. If a person neglects or moves away from life’s purpose, he or she will eventually abandon everything built to fulfill the purpose. Otherwise, such a person will live an unhappy life full or regrets. It is important to include life’s purpose when defining goals.

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Goals must first be specific. Many make the mistake of setting vague goals, and as a result, they fail to fulfill them because of unclear definition. Goals must state precisely and exactly what one wishes or needs to achieve. Secondly, goals must be measurable. One needs to be able to know when one has achieved the goal or when one has succeeded; therefore, there needs to be a way of telling. One needs to be able to measure the skills, resources, time, and knowledge that will be required to accomplish one’s goals. Thirdly, one’s goals must be achievable. One needs to examine his or her capacity or abilities and limitations when setting goals. The goals should not go beyond the capacity or limitations of what a person can reasonably manage to accomplish. In other words, people should not set impossible goals for themselves because they will never be achieved.

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Fourthly, goals have to be relevant. Grit and Van Der Sijde (2009, pp. 87) argue that goals need to be critiqued. An individual should ensure the objectives would help to achieve what one desires to get at the end of it. There are those goals that sound good but are not helpful in the end.


Lastly, goals must be timed or time-related. Gosling et al, (2003, pp. 41) states that one must realistically consider how much time it will take to accomplish the set goals, and then mentally prepare himself to wait until that time. Goals that are not timed usually end up being abandoned because a people usually get tired of waiting and go on to other projects. Another case scenario with goals that lack time limits is that they can end up being set aside for a while to allow for the fulfillment of other urgent goals. As a result, these goals seldom come to fruition.             

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 After having goals and objectives set, one must then embark on seeking to improve one’s abilities and effectiveness in order to be able to achieve set goals. This starts with self-assessment. One must first consider one’s strengths and weaknesses. In identifying one’s strengths, one will be able to plan practices that will perfect and strengthen the strengths, making him or her more effective. In identifying the weaknesses, one will then be able to plan activities that will help eliminate all weaknesses. In addition, knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses helps one to know how best to improve oneself in line with the set goals.

Another part of self-assessment is that one needs to look at oneself and define to oneself who one is; one also must consider the sort of impression one wishes to convey to the world. After taking note of this, one must then work to make sure that the desired impression is achieved. In the career world, the impression one leaves on others means a great deal. Those who conduct and present themselves well stand much better chances of career success.

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Having a Success Mindset

Streeter speaks of how (1994, pp.43) one must accept himself as a person of value who is able to achieve anything and must condition himself to think success regardless of the circumstances. Success begins first as an idea that when embraced, will enable an individual to overcome overwhelming obstacles. Thus, one must purpose first to succeed. With belief, anything is possible, and no milestone is too great.

A BA Business Management Student

A student that desires to participate in BA Business Management program must be someone who seeks to personally develop him or herself. He must be an individual whose goal and objective is to become a Business Management executive in future. Various skills are necessary for such a student to learn in order to be effective as a business management student.  

  1. Basic numeracy and literacy skills

The business management course will involve a great deal of theory work as well as the use of mathematics and mathematical equations. Therefore, prospective students must have sufficient numeracy and literacy skills to enable them to cope with all they will be taught.

  1. Time Management

Business management students must be good managers of time. The course is very demanding and comes with a lot of work; therefore, the students have to manage their time well and discipline themselves to complete assignments on time, and preserve time for personal study. Otherwise, they may not be able to cope.

  1. Communication Skills

Gallagher (2010, pp.55) affirms that communication is very important in business; it is through communication that business deals are made. Through communication, a manager is able to relay ideas and orders to employees. In the Business Management program, it will be necessary to communicate regularly with instructors and other students for assistance, instructions, and enlightenment. Thus, one must seek to develop this skill, as it is vital.   

  1. Computer/IT Literacy

In the program, there shall be regular utilization of computers for work assignments. The teacher may even give work through the computers; therefore, one must make himself or herself computer literate before commencing on this program. Otherwise, such a student will not be able to cope.

  1. Teamwork Skills

A great deal of the work that is done in the Business Management program is accomplished through teamwork. Instructors tend to issue many group assignments because they have been proven effective in getting students to participate and helping them understand various topics or subjects. Therefore, each student must learn how to work together with other team members in order for him or her to benefit.

  1. Problem-solving Skills

Part of the tasks of a business management executive will be to solve problems and handle tricky situations quickly. Therefore, in the coursework, instructors will give assignments require students to apply problem solving skills.

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Out of six skills that are necessary for the BA Business Management Program, the following are most important: time management skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving skills.


Time management: a person who cannot master his or her usage of time will never be successful, and will definitely fail in the program.

Communication skills: Without these, it will be impossible to progress in the program because one must communicate with instructors and students in order to complete assignments and get information.

Teamwork skills: a great deal of the work of the program will be done by teamwork. Information can only be shared through teamwork; therefore, lacking such skills will be detrimental.

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Problem-solving skills: these are necessary for the solving of disputes and attaining of solutions.

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