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Rich Picture Impact on Journey towards Scholar Practitioner


When it comes to studies, there is a funny saying that a scholar is someone who masters everything but tell nothing. Being a scholar is not a daily hardship which some may pass other may overcome. Most do it the easy way, others do it the hard way and this type goes to enjoy the hardships of life (Coughlan, 2008, 39-54).

According to Argyris this requires complete dedication and a thorough focus on one’s studies and coursework. In other words, it is a full time job. Though there is a fine line between a Management Doctorate Scholar (DBA) and a Philosophy Doctor (PhD) but few can understand the difference between the two. There is a world apart between the two when it comes to curriculum and studies (Argyris, 1996).

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Also, the task of both is quite different to each other since one has to handle the theoretical and academic side and the other has the practical aspect to take care of the professional domain to handle. In simple words, a DBA scholar focuses on the application of theory whereas a PhD scholar focuses on the development of a new theory from scratch. Both are scholars in their respective rights.

Scholarly Practitioner Ethics

As per Aram, (2003), a scholar practitioner is a lifelong learner and has job of forming and implementing best practices for administrative purposes. His focus must always remain on the practical aspects of these practices and not on the theoretical. Their work is strictly professional and practical in nature where they define various formulas for new changes and suggest how to embrace those changes at the right time with a positive attitude. (Aram, 2003, 189-205) Their role is complex but decisive for their organizations that are strictly reliant on them. They have to plan and implement new aspects of an already existing business environment or if required, to create a new business approach which has to deal with upcoming challenges. To cope up with these challenges, a scholar practitioner has again step in and formulate all the possible outcomes in case something unexpected happens. It is a game of precise yet careful calculation for which, a scholar practitioner is solely responsible as per Bourner (Bourner, 2000, 481-496).

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An efficient scholar practitioner is the one who is bold enough to face emerging challenges in case of his theory based plan implementation because has covered all aspects by working on its technical aspects (Coughlan, 2008, 39-54). This approach has an ethical side to it because if something goes wrong, the practitioner must accept responsibility instead of stepping back. An organization has trusted him for creating and simulating possible and beneficiary practical solutions so he has to make sure his proposals and plans work well. This requires maturity and experience which a practitioner has plenty according to Burgoyne (Burgoyne, 1994, 35-55).  

Marshall, (1999) identified that sign of a highly skilled and professional scholar is that he keeps pushing the limits in himself and tries to formulate a business strategy that is not only unique but also effective and has the ability to do wonders for his organization. He conducts scholarly research by developing a well researched and workable theory combined with Employee Corporation which he will need dearly because at the end it is those employees who will go through this process (Marshall, 1999, 155-171).

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He must possess good teaching and training skills which will be needed to train employees at various levels. Training programs are a regular part of any business strategy. The job of a scholar practitioner is very demanding and challenging at all stages. He rarely has time to relax because on his theories and strategy development, a whole company is reliant. Constant work in strategy development and room for improvement is a regular part of a practitioner’s job. He is to make sure everything goes right and in case of any loop holes, he has to be there to fill it up.

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