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Short-Term Financing Methods

There are behaviors that have been documented in business transactions that have yielded particular patterns of being over years of study. The prompt in question is why does a firm that uses methods of short-term financing plan for a portion of constant current asset supposes more risk but as a result expects higher returns, in comparison to a firm with a standard financing plan. The following will explain the phenomena of the higher risk and higher reward behavior.

The concept of higher risk leading to higher reward is quite simple situation to discuss. The greater risk is worth more because odds are against the firm. Short term financing methods are implemented when for instance capital needs to be obtained but the funds are just not available. If a firm is researching a particular vaccine for a particular disease for instance, and there needs to be a greater influx of capital (machinery, chemical supplies, rubber gloves, CSI stylized work places) it may seek out either a short or long term financing plan. If suggested firm takes the short term plan, moreover purchases all the necessary capital and develops a successful vaccine then any profit margin made afterwards belongs to the firm less the short term loan. However, if the firm fails and the vaccine is not developed in time, the firm starts to generate income, furthermore loan presents a very heavy problem for those who took it out.

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Normal financing allows the firm to operate with much more leeway in its use because the payments that need to be paid back to the loaner are scheduled and other factors such as credit rating and prior history are involved. One ought to choose normal financing because of the high levels of predictability, but because the risk is lower the reward too is not as high. By far it is the most responsible route to prosperity. If this same firm developing the vaccine had filed a multiyear loan, perhaps even over a decade, it could operate and develop at a pace that is conducive to the discipline. If the firm is looking for raw profit the risks it will take will be volatile and irresponsible, however if it takes normal financing course it should not be so concerned with this raw profit margin.

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The higher risk, higher reward model is driving effect in economics and financing. The curvature of the phenomenon would bait an unsuspecting and an uneducated firm into making poor or risky decisions. Although this principle has been a mainstay and a warned mainstay in the financial world there still exists predatory loan companies that snatch capital as a result of nonpayment of short term loans. This kind of situation would be an ill-witted one to find one’s self in.

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