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Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design

Module Work Accomplished

I have completed all the module reports and assignments on the module of knowledge creation. I am confident that the knowledge I acquired on how to design qualitative research will be useful to me when I research on the problem of knowledge hoarding in our organization. At first, it was hard to distinguish between different methods of sampling that I could apply while investigating whether our organization culture has promoted the culture of knowledge hoarding. I received assistance from my fellow set members and this helped me to choose the most appropriate method of sampling.

Learning from Readings and Fellow Set Members

Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & Jackson’s (2012) book explains the importance of analyzing data collected from a particular research.  Analysis of data helps in ensuring that the data collected does not contain errors. It is also critical to use good methods of data interpretation after collecting data from a particular research.  Researchers prefer to use computer software to assist them interpret any collected data. Computer software helps the researchers to draw graphs from the data collected making it easy for them to observe any trend in the data collected. Corbin & Strauss (2008) article explains the characteristics that a good research should have. Participants of a research should be allowed to give their suggestions regarding the design of a particular research.

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Hutchison’s (2009) article explains the necessity of researchers using sampling while doing research. Sampling helps a researcher to save costs that he/she would have incurred if he/she decided to collect data from the entire population. In addition, it helps a researcher to finish the research process on time. Researchers should concentrate on increasing the response rate while doing research. This will help in ensuring that the researcher collects enough data from the population under study. One of the ways that the response rate can be increased is by explaining the purpose of the research clearly (Hoonakker & Carayon, 2009). It will make the participants to be willing to participate in the actual study. In addition, response rate can be increased by assuring all the participants of a research that all the data that they give will be confidential. Sampling can be carried out by using either probability sampling or non probability sampling. An example of probability sampling includes simple random sampling. Convenient sampling, voluntary response sampling and judgmental sampling are classified as non probability sampling.

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Application of concepts from classroom

I will use sampling while looking for solutions of the problem of knowledge hoarding that affects our investment team. Sampling will help me complete my research on time. I will also involve the members of my investment team when I design my research. By involving them on the design, they will be willing to give their contributions on how to enforce the culture of knowledge sharing in our organization.

Additional Reflections

I will adopt Creswell’s (2013) research design. The first step of this design is locating the site where the actual research will take place. Gaining access of the research and making rapport follows in this design. The third step is collecting data from the participants. The last step is recording and storing the data collected from the research. I will use interviews to collect data from the members of my investment team. Collection of data using interviews is more reliable compared to other methods of data collection since it collects first hand information (Hoonakker & Carayon, 2009). One of the challenges that I might face while doing my research is receiving dishonest responses.

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