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Special Population

Special Population: Disabled People

Special population refers to a group of people that have certain common and distinct features that differentiate them from others in given population. The classification of special population is based on different factors for instance ethnic background and gender. This paper will look at the concerns that relate to a special population. In this context, the discussion will be about people with disabilities as a special population amongst the African-American population.

There are many people across the globe with various disabilities. Much often than not, people with disabilities are left abandoned by their family and friends. While there are people that could be utterly dependent on other people in their daily lives, others may be able to support themselves in handling some of their daily activities. Consequently, they have needs that the society should take interest to assist them become fully functional in the society. However, some of them have sought for medical and technical assistance, which has helped them become fully functional to themselves and the society.

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Reason for Selecting the Disabled Population

While disabled people may be a burden to many, they deserve to live well like any other people in the community. Unfortunately, disabled people are often ignored and disregarded by the society. In this context, such individuals go through hardships in life that render them helpless. It is high time that people arise and hear the plea of the disabled. I personally take time to encourage disabled people. My ultimate goal is to see that a disabled person considers him or herself as important.

Disabilities may be mental, physical, cognitive, developmental, and sensory. It is unbelievable how gifted this category of people can be in terms of talent and professional performance. Disabled people only have a certain limitation, but they may have equal intellectual capabilities like all others. Hence, it is essential that every person participate in helping disabled people rise in the society (Corey & Corey, 2007).

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How this Area of Interest Formed

In most cases, disabled people are abandoned as the society views disability as a burden to their daily lives. For instance, a blind person may need to be guided in most cases. Many organizations have recently regarded this special population in the world. Such organizations are formed to help disables people have equal participation in the society and to enhance their independent living. 

The rate at which disabled children and elderly people are being abandoned is alarming. Many families feel embraced to have children with disabilities. They are locked up in the house so that other people may not know of their status. In other cases, children are left to fend for their own needs. Parents and guardians do not take time to know their afflictions. They are left without basic needs such as food, clothes, and shelter. Hence, such a population has had a cry for mercy for a long time. The emergence of many non-governmental organizations has played a significant part in meeting the special needs of the disabled people. It is necessary for the society realize that disabled people require equal attention.

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How to Help and Benefit the Disabled Population

Although many organizations have sprout up to help these people, but more help is still demanded to meet the needs of this special population. People can still come together to form small groups with the aim of reaching out to the disabled. I personally wish to contribute by availing myself to assist physically challenged individuals. There are people such as the blind who constantly need a helping hand. For instance, I can participate in helping such people in reading and understanding to improve their academic performance. People with amputated arms and legs may require full time assistance at least before they learn to use artificial aids. I could help them in some chores and assist in moving them around. Giving any form of assistance goes being the helping routine. This is because some of these people have high intellectual capabilities. They can rise to become resourceful people in the society only if given the opportunity.

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Case Management in this Population

Case management is an appropriate means to take care of the wants and needs of this special population; disabled people. Case management will often include programs established to help a disabled person. For instance, case management will include a feeding program that will serve these people will their daily meals especially for those without homes or abandoned. On the other hand, people working in relevant organizations that assist people with the physical handicaps may require understanding both physical and emotional needs of the needy in order to help them where necessary.

Some of the aspects that are fundamental to this population include primary needs including food and shelter. Other needs will be education and other life support services. Volunteers can provide life support services to assist disabled people. It is also beneficial to know their strengths and weaknesses. This understanding paves the way to the future careers and economic activities, which such people can participate in while under care (Opportunity Resources, Inc, 2008).

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One of the factors that enhance this field to propel and grow is seen in the effect of the work done to the disabled people. Most people with disabilities get help that they may have longed for a lifetime. Hence, the focus on the people involved in helping disabled people revolves around impacts in their lives by others. For instance, a volunteer that assists a blind person in reading plays a key role in helping such an individual stay informed. In the someway, such an individual may grow to be an intellectual in the future. Therefore, the uniqueness of this field gives it strength making it stand for generations.

Overcoming the Limitations by the Strengths

Despite the positive effects clearly seen through the lives of the disabled people, this field encounters challenges that limit its success. The challenges often surround attending to the needs of the disabled people. These limitations may be based on finances, or few volunteers. In addition, some of these people require fulltime assistance. In this regard, organizations running support services often stretch out to maximum to meet the needs of the disabled people. However, focusing on the benefit of assisting a disabled person makes the “journey” easy. On the other hand, issues that relate to cultural differences may hinder missions of volunteer work.

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Multicultural Issues While Serving Disabled People

Multicultural issues are likely to arise in such a population. However, their effects may not be noticed amongst the disabled people. Most disabled people have the same way of thinking. They seek to be assisted. The astonishing factor among them is that they understand the need of one another. In other cases, one may find that they can assist each other to encounter their difficulties. In this context, most disabled people do not realize their cultural differences. Nonetheless, people who are likely to introduce the cultural variation in such a set up, is the person coming to offer help. Some volunteers may have some form of bias based on cultural and ethnic backgrounds (Werner, 1994).

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Matters that concern ethnicity should not be condoned in such work. This is because all people are the same, and it is imperative that individuals understand the importance of coming to help these people. Consequently, I would ensure colleagues are sure of their calling to serve the neglected population. A person that is devoted to helping another will make sure he or she remains focused to the main purpose of this mission, which is to help disabled people become fully functional in the society.

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