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Top Managers Only Need Less Data Details

The management world of today undoubtedly highlights different situations which explain the statement that thehigher the level of manager, the less data detail is needed. These situations are observed in organizations whose management is centralized or where the top management primarily decides on running the organization. In these certain cases, top managers or those managers placed on high levels of position, no longer have to work with detailed data in the organization's database. The reason behind this is that, as top managers of large organizations, it is their primary responsibility to be familiar with every minute detail regarding the organization's database. Not only that they are primary responsible for familiarizing the data details, but they are also assumed to understand these stored data details. In addition to this, these cases also give a brief explanation why top managers only rely on reports provided to them and that is because, relying on reports primarily provides them with information that may be helpful for them and will keep them updated.

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In conclusion, the statement that thehigher the level of manager, the less data detail is needed does not mean that top managers have less work compared to that of the lower managers, but this statement simply points out that as top managers, they are already knowledgeable about the organization's database and they only need less data details for them to be updated and for them to improve and develop the knowledge they already have.

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