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Communication Skills

Effective Communication: The effective feedback principle I would like to improve on states that effective feedback expresses consideration toward the receiver. This requires better listening skills. A good listener must have an open, objective mind and avoid getting emotional. I am a perfectionist and want things done a specific way, which makes it difficult to work with people of differing opinions. Often times, disagreements over small details on how to accomplish tasks escalate into shouting matches laced with personal attacks. Making the change will help me work better with other people and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Employee Right to E-Mail Privacy: I do not agree that employees have a right to privacy with regard to office e-mail correspondence. Emails written on company computers, by company employees using company software, are company property. Companies should monitor employee emails constantly to pre-empt litigation and avoid loss of trade secrets to competitors by disgruntled employees. There is a growing trend in businesses monitoring emails as they are responsible for the actions of their employees; any correspondence that invites litigation would be directed at the company rather than the employees.

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Communication Barriers due to Diversity- Misunderstandings with people are very common due to differences in communication styles, backgrounds and beliefs. As a part time worker in a bookshop, my supervisor was a religious Muslim lady. I could not understand why she constantly found faults with me and attributed any mistake to my ‘godlessness’, therefore my time at work became very difficult. To resolve the issue, I spent time reading up on Islam and discussing her beliefs with her. My interest in her beliefs changed her attitude completely, and I found it easier to work with her since I took her instructions with an open mind.

Effect of Power on Interactions: In the television series Game of Thrones, the main characters use coercion and position types of power most often, while knowledge and reward are used least. The king uses his position to compel Stark to accept the post of the hand of the king whileTyrion Lannister uses his knowledge to win freedom at the Eyrie. The use of coercion power in the movie makes interactions between the characters rather two faced, since each character must appear to be acquiescing to the will of the more powerful one, while at the same time plotting how to secure his own position.

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